Season 2019 – Bikepacking

At the beginning of the year, it's time to set priorities for the season, stick to them and align the planning with the road bike goals for 2019. As every year, I have already set some goals in my head, but unfortunately I haven't written them down yet, I want to catch up on them and share them with you.

My goals for the 2019 road bike season are actually only fixed for the first half of the year, I am consciously dealing with the second half of the year after my vacation. Why? I already have a lot planned for the first half of the year and would like to decide spontaneously in July whether I will focus on long-distance or drive a few more races. So I'm going to share with you what I already know.

Workout 2019

My Training Personally, planning is always the hardest part for me. I have anxiety too much and then not being able to fulfill my planned training workload. Failing to meet your own goals and plans is simply frustrating, and juggling everything is the hardest task. That's why I'm trying to benefit from my experiences from winter training and transfer the concept to summer.

training schedule

I have to catch up! Since October I've mainly been in winter training. Three to four times a week I went into the winter this winter Gym. It was simply necessary to get the narrow body of a racing cyclist back into shape. I'm aware that muscles aren't always beneficial when riding a road bike, but I think the new muscles in my legs will do me good on my rides.

So that I could also incorporate these frequent training sessions into my everyday life, I postponed my visits to the gym until my lunch break. I have had a fitness subscription with McFit for a long time:

  • Very good price / performance ratio
  • To be found everywhere
  • 10 minutes from my office
  • Open XNUMX hours

For me, these conditions fit perfectly! So I went to McFit three to many times a week during my lunch break. 10 minutes there, 45 minutes workout, 10 minutes back. Do 65 minutes. I always take lunch with me from home anyway and heat it up in the microwave in the office. When I ate at my desk, the timing always worked out wonderfully. I just added the rest of the time to the back.

Before I wean myself off again, I would like to transfer the training rhythm directly to my road bike training. You've guessed it: Instead of going to the gym, I'll just go racing three to four times a week at lunchtime. I've already tried it once and managed a little over 30 km, with an average speed of > 30 km/h that's easy to calculate.

Of course, I don't always plan a lap with more than 30 km/h, sometimes there are a few GA1 trips tumble out. Of course, one or the other long drive at the weekend or after work is also on the agenda and I won't neglect them, but I think that my lunch laps will ensure the necessary basic condition. Since my employer compared to the deichtorhallen lies, I can also start straight away for training on Hamburg's number 1 road bike route. In 60 minutes I can make it to the beginning of the Oortkarte lake and can then direction Dove Elf drive inland and from there over again Machenberg drive back towards the center.

Bikepacking tour

The big goal I'm working towards is mine Bikepacking tour which I will start in the last week of May. I'm going for two to three weeks, I'm on vacation up to and including the second week of June - to Lake Garda and then back as far as I feel like. Approx. 2000 km are currently planned.

  • Self Supported
  • Sometimes camping, sometimes pension
  • Everything you need on the bike
  • I'll take my tent and sleeping bag with me
  • Catering on the go

The attentive readers of my blog know that I bikepacking and ultracycling have been irritating for a long time and what could be better than putting yourself to the test. I will be traveling alone to only have to bother with myself, without compromises and alternatives. Of course, I don't use my carbon racer for this, but use my Centurion Cyclocrosser. All aluminium, disc brakes and a little more comfortable.

TdE 2017
TdE 2017

Some of the bags you need have already been bought, but not everything. I'll get 28 tires up and then it's just a matter of time Cycling. I will write a detailed article which I will continue to update in the course of my preparations.

  • panniers
  • Packing List
  • equipment
  • clothes
  • Spare parts

Everything you need on an adventure! My goal is definitely with as little as possible on mine Bikepacking adventure to get by, I have to drive everything I want to take with me across the Alps.


My pre-season Always schedules events I want to attend, I've done that for the last few years and the concept has worked for me. The first race I want to take part in is the Tour d'Energy in Göttingen with a 100km route and 1400hm - with some steep climbs. A great preparation for the season and the date in the calendar forces me to start my training! i need something

But before that I will also be taking part in the Elbe Classics RTF on April 7th, two weeks of training must be enough for that 😉 Let's see whether I will ride the 115 km or the 151 km route, let's take it easy. If the weather this April is as good as last year, nothing can go wrong!


I'm a bit late with my training start. This was partly due to my efforts in the gym, the rather cold weather and of course my snowboarding holiday in mid-March. From now on, apologies no longer count and I am steadily working towards my goal of bikepacking tour 2019!