Build muscle with 5 times 5 workouts

Like last year, I'm going to the gym again this winter. I dont need one Fancy stuff in the gym, simple equipment is enough for me. Simple but useful. I have a Mcfit Subscription because there are a lot of fitness studios in Hamburg with different equipment. The Mcfit Studios always have the same basic equipment, but then differ in certain areas. The big thing is worth mentioning Mcfit center in Othmarsen, which has an incredibly large number of Kadio machines has and also one more Cage for climbing around and doing pull-ups, but they do too ropes - I don't even know what they're called - are available there. Just rooms in which you with your own body weight can train. It's actually everything you could wish for as an athlete. I usually prefer the simpler version and drive to the nearest Mcfit studio, because unfortunately I always come to training quite late, I prefer to take what is very close to me.
As you have probably already read in my blog, I mainly dealt with the topic last winter weight lose employed. In detail, this means building fitness, but keeping muscles to burn fat properly. I have my goal with a combination of strength training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) reached.
That doesn't sound easy and it's not easy because the problem is that you always lose some of your muscles when you lose weight. That wasn't so bad in my case, I'm short 30 Kilo lost and it is clear that a few muscles are left behind. But the most important thing to me was the weight reduction and of course that fat zu burn

When your body is lighter you don't need as much muscle to move it and of course it's the same on a road bike when you're lighter you don't need as much strength to propel yourself.

This year, however, the weight reduction is not on the training plan but weight gain.

Of course I want this winter no fat build, but I would like to build muscles. At 1,94 m and 84 kg, I usually look a bit lanky.

For muscle building I decided to use the 5 x 5 training method.

The 5 by 5 training method has been pretty popular for a year or two, it's not entirely new and it's tried and tested and according to the well-known fitness gurus it is the only true solution to muscle building. In the past I've always referred to one Threesome split concentrated. That means you train three times a week and every day a different muscle group. Back and biceps on day one, chest and triceps on day two, and legs on day three. The problem with the three-way split is that if you're basically overtraining your muscles, you'll be insanely exhausted. If you train your back and biceps on a training day, where the biceps are already trained with most back exercises. Of course there are other variants of the three-way split, but I've always done this.

But let's start with 5 times 5

In principle, the 5 × 5 training is very simple. 5 times 5 says:

  • Do an exercise for one muscle group and do five reps for five sets.
  • You use so much weight that you can barely do five reps on the fifth set.
  • If you find the five repetitions easy in the fifth set, you have to increase the weight in the next training session, but only slowly, of course.
With this method you do five sets for the in one training day Back, 5 sets for the Breast and five sets for that Beine. Afterwards you can choose a muscle group that you train additionally. For example, last time I did five sets of five reps Lat pulldown, chest press and leg press .

I add abdominal crunches to every workout

In principle, you can train three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be very easy, then you always have a rest day in between, which you need at least. I recommend a three-day break after the first training session, then a two-day break, then another two-day break and then you have to try whether you can manage to train effectively with just one more day off.
With this training method, one must not ignore the effectiveness. If you notice that you're stuck on one level for too long, you might want to take an extra day of rest, because you make very fast progress, especially at the beginning of the training program. If the body is too exhausted, you don't make any progress, but rather regression. The focus of the 5 by 5 is muscle and strength building. Nothing works without a recovered body.

Nutrition in the muscle building phase

I'm actually eating like I've been eating for the past 20 months.
  • For breakfast there is bread or rolls. Carbs to get you ready for the day
  • For lunch mostly potatoes, rice, vegetables and meat. I almost never eat pasta anymore
  • For dinner usually bread with egg and a protein shake

Which protein supplements

With mine protein preparations I'm picky now. I've tried everything possible. A little tip: leave out all the supermarket products right away. I just didn't think it was good. I can recommend the following

Immediately after training, still in the gym Whey 

Whey is pure and easy for the body to absorb Protein. Mix whey with water and it will be absorbed by the body within 30 minutes. It is best to take your shaker with the powder to the gym and mix your drink before you change.

Casein every night

I always have one before bed Casein shake. Casein is a difficult and therefore slow to absorb protein for the body, which is why some manufacturers add the name suffix Day & Night. It lasts a long time and so the muscles have enough protein reserves. Incidentally, casein also stimulates that muscle growth

What brands of protein supplements can I recommend?

Products from are always at the top of my list Weider. The Weider products taste good and dissolve excellently. I can recommend them without exception. If I can't get Weider at the moment, I can buy the products from Body Attack and the Macfit house brand recommend, the latter is available in every studio.

I hope I was able to inspire you a little and you leave your experiences in the comments and of course I will report how my muscle building works.

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