Schwerin Lakes Cycle Race 2015 - My first race

Anyone who rides a racing bike is a bit masochistic or, to put it better: The racing bike riders have the ability to drive and motivate themselves again and again, even though the degree of exhaustion keeps increasing!
Anyone who races racing bikes must have this property. Since I just like to measure myself and also like to torture myself, I signed up for my first street race. Already in early summer it became clear to me that I had discovered a new passion and would like to take part in a race. That also drives you on during training, so to speak Point of no return. It should Schwerin Lakes Cycle Race be, I was on vacation for the Cyclassics in Hamburg, I also thought that in Schwerin nobody would see me in case of a total failure 😉
Firstly, it turns out differently and secondly than you think!
Dthree weeks before the race I got what was probably the worst flu and cold I've ever had. Not so bad, thought, go away again. puff cake! The cold was so stubborn that I couldn't train for the entire three weeks before the race 🙁 I constantly wavered between "You have to train if you want to do the 47km lap in a reasonable time" and "If you don't get well, you can not driving". It was a pity! I chose rest. In the end it was probably the right decision. Punctually on September 27th, 2015 I was ready for my first race.
At 7:30 am I was at the organizer's stand to report and receive my start number, jersey and transponder, how exciting. I passed the time that followed by walking around in Schwerin - which of course is anything but exciting at this time. At least I was able to buy a delicious coffee.
THE SCHWERINER-SEEN-JEDERMANN CYCLE RACE 2015From 9:00 a.m. I got more and more nervous, after all the start was supposed to be at 10:10 a.m. I attached the transponder to my bike and changed. After it was still 7°C and fog in the morning, the sun fought its way through the fog more and more and at 9:30 a.m. it was already a pleasant 13°C. Short pants and long sleeves were popular because I didn't want to risk getting sick again.
Shortly before 10 a.m. I got the message that my wife and children had arrived in Schwerin - by train - and were now walking in the direction of the castle, where the race was supposed to start. I couldn't see them before the start, but at least I knew they would be looking for me.
At 10:00 a.m. the drivers started the 100km lap – I hadn’t thought I could do it yet. After the drivers left, they went 47km Drivers at the start, just before 400 male and female drivers crowded onto the starting grid. At 10:10 a.m. sharp, the starting gun sounded and everyone slowly and civilly moved behind the lead vehicle. All the people who lined the route and waved were very nice, very touching.
Already while driving through the city center I pushed myself forward bit by bit, but of course very calmly and cautiously. When it left Schwerin, the pace increased significantly. I felt good and strong, even though I noticed that my lungs didn't have the full volume available - after my cold. The area around Schwerin is really beautiful and invites you to go cycling - I'll be back, I promise! The race went very and big accidents. On the last third, however, it got a bit more strenuous (at least purely subjectively), I felt there were more inclines than on the rest of the route and that's where I definitely need training on inclines - and I will train!!!
But soon it was coming to an end and I had hardly passed the Schwerin town sign when I came to the home straight. All drivers were greeted with a lot of cheering, that's building!
Totally flat - because we drove much faster than usual, according to the transponder 39 km/h – I then saw my family waving and that felt really good.
After that I stretched out a bit and cooled down, but then I loaded my racing bike back into the car. Phew, what a day and I was really proud of myself. But now I also wanted to know how good I was and a look at the list told me that I was 37, how cool. Exceeded my own expectations I would say. Even prouder than before we went to Schwerin to eat something and there was a nice burger.
Conclusion: I thought the race was great, the weather was fine and there were no unpleasant people there, everyone was nice. And the next time I'll do the 100km lap too.

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