A messed up start to the season

I don't know if I've been through a messed up season start should speak, but I'm frustrated. After I worked hard on my body in winter and strengthened my muscles, I actually wanted to start endurance training again in March. puff cake!

Cold at the start of the season

Do you know that, too? Are you planning your training and suddenly a cold tears you out of your plan? At least that's what happened to me this year. Endurance training was part of my training schedule from March, but unfortunately a cold got me. However, I did not want to give up so quickly and I still had something to do on the bike….

glitch, glitch, glitch,…

glitch one

Already over the winter I had to realize that my beloved racing bike had a flat rear tires got. Whatever the reason, at first I thought I was flat. I installed a new tube and pumped up the tire. During the subsequent obligatory turning of the rear wheel, I had to realize that the rear wheel had blatantly warped.

glitch two

I suspect that the reason for this was my crash at the end of the 2016 season at the Schwerin Lake Circuit was. The accident was quite severe and I think I should have looked at it properly at that point or had it looked at. Unfortunately I didn't have it and now I got the bill for it. So I took my rear wheel to my trusted bicycle dealer and described my problem. He immediately said that they will try to get the punch out, but he cannot guarantee that this will be a solution for eternity. Try makes you smart! The next day I picked up the rear wheel and was thrilled that the runout was out of my wheel.

glitch three

Two days later - it was Saturday, cold (0 - 5° C) but nice, I jumped on my racing bike for a relaxed Empty run close. I still had some catching up to do. For me, an empty trip always means EMPTY = driving a small lap without breakfast (small = 30 to 40 km). 3km from my home my rear wheel wobbled, after a short check I realized that my tire had lost air. I kept rolling as long as I could until the tire just didn't have enough air. For me it was now pushing – at temperatures just above freezing point – and freezing, because I was no longer moving. I walked home in my racing bike shoes. Since I had just installed a new tube, I took the bike back to the dealer to check the rim tape and the casing. Rim tape was ok, the coat Continental GP 4000S II was after 2000km down. Full of holes, as the colleague in the workshop said. All right, so also a new coat and a new hose - it doesn't help at all.
[eapi keyword="Racing bike tires/folding tires Grand Prix 4000s II 25-622 black"]

breakdown four

Now I finally felt ready to start the first tour. With a colleague it went in Hamburg's north, a nice 50km loop. Everything went smoothly and I was happy to finally be able to drive quickly again. On the way back, about 8 km from the garage at home, it did ping.... At first I thought something had fallen out of my pocket. I looked around and saw nothing…. My tour partner then just silently pointed to my rear wheel: Two spokes snapped.

New wheelset

Novatec X-Light Disc LRS
Image: cnc-bike.de

Unfortunately it's over now, now a new one has to be made wheelset (LRS) here. I have ordered the Novatec X-Light Disc LRS/ CNC HP 600/ CN 424 black at cnc-bike.de for EUR 319 instead of EUR 499

After I have picked up the good pieces and installed them, I will report to you.
I wish you a good start to the season!

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