Abu's game changer

Bicycle helmets for racing cyclists and gravel bikers

Find out which bike helmet is best for you, whether you are a racing cyclist, bikepacker or gravel biker. Here's a guide to the best bike helmets for each of these disciplines. Different Types of Bike Helmets There are three main types of bike helmets: road bike, mountain bike, and BMX helmets. Road bike helmets are lightweight and aerodynamic, while mountain bike helmets are thicker

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Optimize chain wax

Chain wax or chain oil

Chain wax is becoming more and more popular among cyclists and chain wax is also spreading more and more among sporty drivers. So far, however, waxing a bicycle chain has been very time-consuming. The chain had to be taken off Wax had to be melted on the stove The chain had to be bathed in wax Chain wax manufacturer Optimize claims this

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