Bicycle stand – rear wheel stand

Today I dedicate myself to the subject of storage.
I think my problem is not really unique. Although I have a garage where I can store my beloved racing bike, it has so far been leaning against other bikes or against the wall. That's not really nice and it's not good for the buck either. There are scratches, the gears can bend and you don't want to “dig out” your bike before you hit the road.
If you now search the web for “bicycle racks”, you will of course first get the big, heavy offers that are also in front of the supermarket. Or the bike stands that you screw to the bike. Of course I don't want both.
I was actually looking for such a chic part that the dealer always has it in the room. Something like an exhibition stand or presentation stand and of course it should also be affordable. Since I will soon have a carbon road bike with carbon rims, I didn't want the rim to hang on a hook.
Then I found this on Amazon.

A rear wheel stand - but of course the front wheel also fits into it. Just push your bike in and be happy!

I've owned this stand for 6 weeks now, use it almost every day and I'm very satisfied. A real bargain for the price and it won't be my last, because after all, all other family bikes have a right to stand up properly.
video follows!

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