Burning Roads 2018 Field Report

Burning Roads 2018
Burning Roads 2018

The Ochtruper Cycling Marathon Burning Roads is a real experience and offers ambitious racing cyclists a few Extreme. This year there was even that extreme weather, but more on that later. If you are a passionate and ambitious racing cyclist, you would like to put yourself to the test and would like to get to know the limits of your physique and psyche:

Then it is Cycling marathon Burning Roads in Ochtrup just right for you!

Burning Roads facts

The organizers of the cycle marathon provide two different routes. Actually even three, because you can combine both routes. The beginner route with 210km and the killer track with 330km. The short route is rather flat and the 330km route rock hard (Original sound from the organiser). Board hard because over 3000hm stuck in her. And not waves where you collect the 3000hm over the 300km route, but real altitude! I had to experience that firsthand. In my report I'll concentrate on the 330km route, which really got to me, but more on that later.

330km of rain, heat, humidity and mountains, mountains, mountains

A report of suffering

You can already tell from the title that I'm flayed. That is also the reason why I wanted to write my report immediately (at least started immediately), that feeling of suffering must not have passed. Somehow I felt very routine, the MSR300 It was only two weeks ago, I had a great time and I was fit as a fiddle. As before, I had traveled to Ochtrup in my VW bus and in my Multivan stayed and this time in small Ochtrup my alarm clock rang at 3:30 a.m., because the start was open from 5:00 a.m. After morning hygiene, I drive to the start, because all drivers should have breakfast. Arrived at the start, I first got myself and my bike ready and then drove to the registration. There were sandwiches, coffee and of course drinks. It was a relaxed atmosphere, a total of about 300 riders should start the 330km route. In groups of ten, every few minutes, a group was sent onto the route, which – as previously announced by the organizer – was never signposted. Unfortunately, I had problems with my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, which absolutely did not want to load the route. Later I found out that it was simply because of the bad internet connection that next time just download it at home. But that shouldn't stop me, there were plenty of other drivers who had a navigation system with them.

Stage 1

A total of four refreshment points were set up for the drivers, actually enough, but a little tight due to the weather conditions. The first aid station was supposed to come after 80km and my group jogged off quickly. The pace was absolutely moderate, but I noticed right from the start of the marathon that I wasn't 100% fit. Everything didn't want to flow out of my legs as loosely and flaky as usual. But the route still went through the level and that's why I didn't notice it, and I just wiped it away. Unfortunately, when the first real climbs came after 40km, things looked different. As a Hamburg flatland Tyrolean, I'm unfortunately not a mountain goat anyway, but it's never been as difficult as it was for me that day. In terms of the weather, we had everything at the start on the first stage. The weather forecast showed that it would be warmer later, but it had even rained briefly in the morning. But by the first break, that was all over. We chatted briefly, ate something, emptied the bladder and I was once again asked about my SpeedX Leopard pro, of which there are only two or three in Germany.

Stage 2

The nearest depot was a little over 70km away. Temperatures rose and rose. By the time I got to the depot it had been a little over 150km and my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt was showing 27°C, in the shade of course. Of course, I wasn't the only one affected by the heat and the altitude difference. In a hall you could at least protect yourself from the sun. There were already a few meters of altitude behind us and it should now go to the next stage for a long lunch break.

Stage 3

50km to the big one Lunch break. In the meantime I had teamed up with two others who had similar problems with the inclines as I did. The next 50km were the toughest of my life, seriously. The thermometer rose 32°C and approx. My two companions got out 20 km before the depot. Somewhere on an incline they simply gave up and asked to be picked up. The stupid thing was that I now go to the depot without sat nav had to drive. I had the rough direction, but that's about it. I quickly found the place where the depot was supposed to be, now it was time to search, at over 30°C and very fucked up ☺ luckily I met a few other participants who showed me the way. Happy I arrived at the noon station. First of all, my shoes had to be taken off. It was just uncomfortable to wear in the heat. I didn't care, I just walked around in my socks.

There were really delicious Pasta with tomato sauce, with and without a hack. Of course, I chose the hack variant. It was really delicious and, despite the heat, awakened new spirits in me. Nevertheless, I decided not to finish the 330km route, I wanted to save myself the last mountains.

Burning Roads - Elevation Profile
Burning Roads - Elevation Profile

Stage 4

Luckily I wasn't the only one who wanted to give themselves the last mountains in this weather. I would estimate that about half of all drivers have now taken a shortcut. So I found a very nice group that I was allowed to join. The colleague who me at the first depot on my Leopard Pro asked me - recognizing that I no longer drive the last mountains - if I could go with you last 100 km want to drive back flat. 100 km …. Still ringing in my ears, but there was no other way. Asked and done! I had found a new and really enjoyable group. It was still unbearably hot – around 14:30 p.m. – and I had been on the saddle for over 9:30 hours when I was at the Mecklenburg Lake Circuit already through with the 300 km.

With this group I got back into the desired step and suddenly I was having fun again, thanks again to my colleagues. After almost 60km there was another depot, within these 60km I had emptied both of my 0,75L bottles. At the stop, my Wahoo revealed that we 38°C had. So we all went to the hall of the car dealer who had made his shop available to the organizers and tried to enjoy some shade.

Final stage 5

After 15 minutes it was time for the final stage: Die last 40km! You could literally feel the relief of the other drivers that the heat battle was almost won. We all trundled to the finish line together, we still shook hands and I thanked the group for including me in their team.

Burning Roads - Bicycle Club St.PauliAfterwards I got myself a sausage from the grill and strengthened myself, but I couldn't go in for more than one sausage (rather unusual for me). I took a group photo with three other Paulians from my club and then I went back to my sleeping place. It took me quite a while to completely unwind and relax before finally falling into bed in my bully.


to my experience Burning Roads 2018 I look back with mixed feelings. On the one hand I'm annoyed that I didn't manage the very difficult route, on the other hand it just wasn't possible that day. Still, I can bike marathon I really recommend Burning Roads to anyone who wants to push their limits. Honestly: The Vätternrundan is nothing compared to this cycling marathonAt least that's my current opinion. Maybe my overall condition wasn't perfect that day and the heat certainly did the rest slopes make Burning Roads one particularly tough nut. On the other hand, I wouldn't plan 300km races at intervals of only 2 weeks in the future, that's clearly not enough time to regenerate sufficiently and then build up again. In the future I would at least 4 weeks, but ideally 6 weeks break plan between such events. Burning Roads 2019? I guess so! If it doesn't collide with other appointments.

A big compliment goes to the organizers! Burning Roads has grown to a size where the right feel is occurring, but it's still very informal and everyone is super friendly and chilled. Really top! I would still have been very happy about a signposted route.

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