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The German company Canyon Bicycles is one, or even the largest bicycle manufacturer in Germany. Canyon offers its bikes exclusively in the Direct sales what may have kept some interested parties from making a purchase. Now there in Hamburg but one Retailers and Workshop, who skilfully closes this gap. I think the concept is great. Since I've always been a friend of "Support your local bike dealer" am, for me a Canyon purchase is getting closer and closer.

So far you could Canyon Order wheels either via the website or in the store Koblenz drive and test and order there. That will now partly change for Hamburger.

canyon experiences

Personally, I've had my eyes open for a long time Canyon racing bikes thrown. Because Canyon in the racing bike scene is almost omnipresent, you always have to think about it. I recently bought my first Canyon bike. A RoadLite AL 7.0. A fitness bike with an aluminum frame, a carbon fork and a Shimano 105 Furnishing. I would like to use this bike mainly for gravel tours until I get a new gravel bike bought.

The ordering process via the website went smoothly. Canyon provides help with choosing the right size, you can pay easily via PayPal and. of course also with other payment methods and the bike is delivered to your home within five days.

The box specially developed by Cayon is super stable and the bike arrives safely at home and the assembly is quickly done in 10 minutes with the tools provided. I was really impressed with how easy it was to assemble. In the box was even a very simple one Torque wrench, not everyone has something like that at home.

But what if someone can't assemble their bike themselves, doesn't dare and doesn't have anyone to help them. Many are unsure of the right frame height when measuring their body. There is now a solution for this in Hamburg and I bet there will soon be other stores in Germany with a similar concept.

Canyon dealer Hamburg

A few months ago I was quite surprised when I read on Instagram that a road bike shop specializing in Canyon bikes was opening in Hamburg. It clicked in my head and I thought, that's a great idea. Road cyclists with dispatched road bikes are often looked at in a funny way in the good workshops, or are periodized down. This means that it always takes longer to repair or maintain than the house customers. Now, however, the Hamburg Fish Market opens Bike Race Shop Hamburg, who completely zeroes in on Cayon wheels and their customers. If you would like to get in touch with the fine ladies and gentlemen, you should do so via the Rad Race Shop Hamburg Facebook page to do!

I am not being paid for this link or article, nor do I know a single person in the store. I just think the idea and the concept are good and I'll definitely take a look at it soon. Because I too have been flirting with a hot one for a long time Canyon road bike.

According to the Facebook page, the RAD RACE SHOP Hamburg helps to choose the right bike for the desired purpose and the right size. You can then assemble your Canyon bike there and have it fitted. If you have very special requests that Canyon can't fulfill off the shelf, they'll help pimp your new bike. So it's not a real Canyon Shop in Hamburg, but somehow they are.

Canyon workshop and service Hamburg

The Rad Race Race Shop Hamburg also has its own workshop for Canyon bikes in Hamburg, right in the center of Hamburg on St. Pauli. Finally a workshop where you don't get a bad look at your Canyon road bike, but where the workshop and the mechanics are prepared for these bikes. Another advantage is of course that a specialized workshop usually has more spare parts in stock. One can only hope for the future that Canyon will recognize this value and support these stores.

Conclusion: Canyon in Hamburg

The Hamburg racing bike community is richer by a racing bike shop and a workshop. The Canyon drivers in Hamburg have gained a specialized Canyon dealer and a Canyon service partner. As already mentioned, I think the idea is great and that my next racing bike will be a canyon is now a tad more likely.

If you have already had experiences with Rad Race Shop Hamburg, please leave them in the comments.


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    I have a question about your contribution to the catering. Unfortunately there is no comment function.
    How do you secure your bike when you fill up your supplies at petrol stations or supermarkets?


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