Chia seeds - Superfood for road cyclists

Of course, I'm not the discoverer of healthy ones Chia seeds, it has long been known that chia seeds are very healthy. Especially since the whole world focused on the so-called Superfoods falls, chia seeds are - literally - on everyone's lips.

What makes chia seeds so special

Chia seeds for athletes

But chia seeds are not only good for people change nourishment and lose weight permanently want, because of Properties of Chia seeds they are excellent as food for endurance athletes.

Chia seeds are very rich in Minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and fiber. They have a high percentage of Omega-3 Fatty acids (about 10 times more than salmon), many Fibres and carbohydrates which are released only slowly (especially important and interesting for endurance athletes).

Ingredients of a daily portion (25g) of chia seeds

ContentDaily requirement (RDA)
 Copper 25%
 Magnesium 20%
 Fibres 26%
 Omega 3 308%
 Vitamin B6 0,16%
 Vitamin B1 11%
 Phosphorus 11%
 Vitamin E 29%
 Omega 6 38%
 Zinc 8%
 Potassium 8%
 Vitamin B8 7%
 Manganese 11%
 Iron 13%
 Vitamin A 5%
 Vitamin B3 18%
 Biotin 2%

Chia seeds live up to the superfood label

You can use the table to see how many nutrients and in what quantity Chia seeds are available. I would now like to explain the most important properties of some of these nutrients.
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Carbohydrates are the energy for our muscles. Just endurance athletes Of course, they require a lot of energy in order to be able to provide the desired performance for a long time. It's just that the human body is not good at storing energy. Carbohydrates that are not consumed immediately are largely stored as fat. Therefore, the property of chia seeds to release carbohydrates slowly is particularly interesting for endurance athletes. Gradually, the body is supplied with new energy through this effect.


make fiber fed up for a long time and are good for Intestine. Their cleansing properties ensure healthy and functioning digestion.


Protein and their amino acids control all functions in the body. Proteins, amino acids and Egg whites are essential for power conversion and regeneration during the recovery phase. A daily ration of chia seeds contains whopping 20% the recommended daily dose of protein.
Since most people are familiar with the effects of vitamins and minerals, I do not want to go into more detail here. What I find interesting is this:


Antioxidants have been popular for years. Especially the females of our species they are considered the secret eternal youth famous. Antioxidants protect our cells from decay and support them cell renewal. Incidentally, they hinder cancer cells on growth.

Preparation of chia seeds

Chia seeds can be consumed in a variety of ways, but of course they should taste good too! First of all, it should be said that chia binds a lot of water. If not pre-treated, you should rather limit the intake of chia seeds, otherwise constipation can occur. Half a teaspoon on the muesli shouldn't hurt though. As a rule, chia seeds are soaked before further processing, they should be soaked for at least two hours.

"Soak chia seeds at least two hours before eating"

How you soak the chia seeds is up to you and depends on further processing. I always do it by soaking the seeds overnight and putting them in the fridge. I use it most often Water, because further processing is then not restricted. You can also use the chia seeds in milk, oat or soy milk soaking. There are no limits to your imagination. It is important to note the mixing ratio, it is always 1:6. Part chia seeds and six parts liquid. I always soak half a cup of chia seeds in three cups of water.

"Mixing ratio always 1 to 6"

my favorite recipes

Chia seed muesli

I like to put chia seeds in a smoothie or in muesli. Simply add half a teaspoon of chia to the muesli. Delicious and insanely healthy!

Chia seed smoothie

A pair of green smoothie with chia seeds is my favorite, of course you can also use chia seeds in others smoothie pack, but I love the green and savory smoothies. The recipe is very simple!

1/3 green

2/3 fruit

1 tablespoon chia seeds

add some liquid when mixing (water, apple or orange juice).

I prefer to take.

1/3 green = spinach, arugula, iceberg

2/3 fruit = 1/2 banana, 1 apple (peeled), orange or clementines.

Add some water and you're done! The whole thing then comes into my loved ones Vitamix, which should not be missing in any athlete's kitchen, which has a permanent place in my kitchen.

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Chia seeds are a great dietary supplement and very easy to use. From sweet to salty, everything is in it. If you have any favorite recipes that contain chia seeds, share them in the comments.

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