City-Nord cycling days

Two full days of cycling races non-stop in the City North in Hamburg. Second driving, team race and everyone race were on the agenda. What a Circuit from 1,7 km with racing cyclists, I'll tell you now.
The weather in Hamburg was pretty kind to the cycling days in the north of the city. Apart from a few drops and the - fortunately - distant thunderstorm, the enthusiastic racing cyclist has nothing to complain about. On Sunday it was even partly 25°C. By Hamburg standards it was almost a heated battle, so the general conditions couldn't be topped.

My day at the City Nord Radrenntage


City-Nord cycling race - time trial
City-Nord cycling race - time trial

I was out and about elsewhere in Hamburg in the morning and arrived in City-Nord at around 13:00 p.m. I still had plenty of time because my start time was just after three. Since it was my first participation in the City-Nord cycle races this year, I still had some time to orientate myself and watched the time trialists complete the small 1,7 m lap. Very interesting, I had never seen anything like that live before. What I found particularly interesting was the background noise made by the rear wheels/disc wheels of the time trialists. A constant hum could be heard off the track. Well, not 100% continuously, because you can't ride in groups in time trial races because you can't use a slipstream.

Get starting documents

Since a circuit is run in the City North, you always had to scurry across the track to the race control. Fortunately, this was closed off by folders, but somehow unfavorable. I picked up my documents from the well-organized race management and headed back to the car. On the way, the race of the company sports club drivers has just started. This race was started in a group, i.e. all drivers in the competition at the same time, just like we know from the marathon. You can imagine that it can get pretty tight on such a circuit and the assumption is correct. I find it scary at times. I watched a few laps and unfortunately my fears were proven live. There was a stark one right in front of me Crash!!! Definitely 10 to 15 riders fell. Some got back up immediately, others weren't so lucky and stayed where they were. Some of them immediately showed severe damage to their bikes. A gentleman immediately started ranting that only amateurs would ride here, oopsss! At first I found his reaction a bit exaggerated, because nobody causes a fall like that on purpose. Unfortunately, this image also quickly consolidated for me. A race that is 20 km or 40 km long is something everyone can endure and that also means that rather inexperienced racing cyclists take part in such a race. I have to admit I was pretty shocked. You can certainly imagine that on a 1,7 km circuit, all riders come back pretty quickly if someone falls.

My start to the 40 km race

I warmed up properly and then went to the start in time. In fact, we all had enough time to test drive the track for a lap. Actually quite nice, except for the narrow ones and the curves that almost invited you to crash. I got a good starting position in the second row, they chatted briefly and then it started. Zack on the bike and click in the pedals, so far so good. I have to admit that the falls really shocked me... I drove carefully and I didn't either racing line. My bike seemed like it was braking. After I finished the first lap I realized Flat tire in lap 1. That must have been a sign: I wasn't even upset, I drove off the track and the race was over for me.

I watched a few more races and then drove home relaxed.


I now know what I don't want to do! To each his own and maybe some racing cyclists find their passion in such races, not me. I think the bike marathon is closer to me and I prefer to stick to it. Vätternrundan, here I come!

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