Cyclassics Hamburg 2016

The only official UCI race in Germany

And my first big event!

On September 21, 2016 the EuroEyes Cyclassics instead of, Europe's biggest bike race. EuroEyes saved the Cyclassics again for 2016 and 2017 and after that we'll have to see if a new sponsor is found.

But for me it was the first Cyclassics and only my second race ever. Last year I drove my first race over about 50km in Schwerin. Now - at the Cyclassics in Hamburg - it should be a bit longer. 100 km, the second longest distance I had planned. Of course I trained properly, but it's probably like you: In the end you always have the feeling that you couldn't prepare yourself sufficiently.

Well, of course I had heard and read so many things about the Cyclassics in advance.

  • It's MEGA full
  • Just idiots, totally inconsiderate
  • Just be careful
  • Come home safely
  • ...

Things to scare you.

As the first starter, I had a seat in the penultimate block M with 1000 starters, so I had my fears. None! Everyone was in a good mood, we talked before the start and the atmosphere was very relaxed. The start was also very relaxed. Of course, the excitement of all the drivers was noticeable, but everyone moved in a mannered and calm manner. No shoving on the first few meters. Don't get me wrong, of course it was packed. With over 25.000 participants, that's no wonder!

Started in Steinstraße, the real, flying start took place in the HafenCity.

The pace picked up properly from the start, but not uncomfortably fast. In the crowd you are - as they say - pulled along and the adrenaline does the rest. It went through the HafenCity and then through the freihafen. As the first highlight, or first hurdle, the route went over the Koehlbrand Bridge. Quite a nice climb, but at the beginning you still have a lot of strength. The subsequent descent was of course a pleasure, on the somewhat narrow road it went downhill quickly and you were rewarded for kicking on the suspension bridge. After that everything happened very quickly and I got into a kind of frenzy, through the track Harburg I hardly remember 😮

Then the beautiful part of the tour slowly began: overland, through the North Heath direction Beech and Jesteburg. Then we were already a little more than half done.

In Marx's a supply point was set up where you could fill up your bottles and bananas and oranges were ready. You could also get out for a moment 😉 After about 8 to 10 minutes we continued.

The first 100m you had the feeling that you could not get into the round step, but it slipped again as if by itself. From now on we headed north towards our destination. Every bridge seemed to get steeper and steeper, but I didn't let it get me down.

After 3 hours and 9 minutes I was very happy with myself. Of course, the last few kilometers through downtown Hamburg were awesome, it was standing thousands of people along the way and cheered on the drivers, which of course gives extra juice.

100 km with an average speed of approx. 32 km/h: I am very happy with myself 😉 and next year I would like to drive the 160 km.

Ride On, Ray!

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