Light training with the racing bike

Yesterday I started with my training partner a very relaxed round through the Vier- und Marschlande in the east of Hamburg. I still got that Race in Schwerin and the associated accident in the muscles and bones and so after a three-day break it was time to get back on the bike and relax the muscles a bit.
I start my rounds direction Four and Marshes always directly from the office. Change quickly and go. Since it has meanwhile gotten a bit colder, these are also part of it compression shirt to the under and the Arm to pull over to it. I didn't put on the arm warmers until the end of August, just before the Cyclassics, and I wouldn't want to be without them since then.
As always, we started our round at the mirror building, from here you can go directly to the Deichtorhallen on the Hamburg cycle path to Rothenburgsort for and then on the broad Kaltehofe cycle path ride. A real dream. Afterwards you have already arrived at Vier und Marschlande and can drive on the beautiful dike roads. On this training day, the wind was blowing in our faces, the weather forecast also predicted squalls and rain for the early evening, but planning is planning!
Every racing cyclist in Hamburg has probably ridden this route 100 times, including us and we did our relaxed lap. In the end it was 43,5 km and after the end of the training course we had an average of about 29 km/h, until we got home I lowered the average to 25 km/h.

This ride was really good and the muscles feel much better than before, only my bike needs a service. If I find the time on the long weekend, I'll take care of the brakes, they urgently need tightening.
Now it is slowly getting colder again and I will (have to) move several training sessions to the gym, but maybe it will stay as mild as it was last year for a long time to come.
Roll On, Ray.

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