Fitness, low carb and passion

10 months, 20 kg and fitter than ever!

Sometimes you wonder about yourself. Like me, than I think Road bike annual review 2015 on Youtube made. When I had finished recording my monologue, I was still looking for photos for a before-after comparison to get. Unfortunately, I hadn't prepared the whole thing so well that I deliberately took photos beforehand.
So I went on a search through my photo archive and actually found what I was looking for. It should be a photo from September 2014, from a short trip to Mallorca. What I saw shocked me on the one hand, but made me happy on the other. My goodness I had something on my ribs, unbelievable! A little proud of myself, I put the comparison in my video on Youtube.
Motivated by this success, I would like to share my experience with you, because losing weight was not as difficult as everyone thinks. The mix of exercise and a change in diet makes it really easy and does not require any costs, a special diet or a lot of discipline.

What was the weight loss plan like?

To be honest, I didn't really have a plan. My motivation was primarily to improve my fitness and only secondarily to lose weight. I also think this attitude is very healthy. I also had the feeling that my body had to get up to speed first, after all I hadn't done any real sport for years. So my story started like this...

Discover a new passion within you

At the beginning of 2015 I wanted to buy a new bike (I already reported). After it stood in our garage, I got more and more used to using it for sports. When the much too long winter of 2015 was finally over, I got on my new bike for the first time and completed the first 40 km lap - without much pain, but in a sporty way. The whole thing was so much fun that from now on I started cycling at least twice a week. The beginning was already done! Due to the regular rides, my fitness increased like a rocket, because you make significant progress, especially at the beginning. With the fitness gained and the first kilos that fell off by themselves, the motivation to get the body in shape came. So I started looking into nutrition and was looking for a solution weight/fat to reduce without starving and of course a form of nutrition that I can also use permanently. The easiest seemed to me Low carb, because with low-carb I just had to leave out the carbohydrates.

Low carb diet

Low-carb is very easy, but everyone should find the right form for themselves. I divided my low-carb foods up like this and have been eating like this for about 10 months now. My absolute new discovery are Chia seeds. Chia seeds in muesli and smoothies are my absolute favourite.


Here I renounce NOTHING! I eat rolls, bread and cold cuts like I used to. This is mainly because breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me.


Incorporating low-carb into lunch, or even better, increasing the carbs, is very easy. I simply leave out potatoes, pasta, rice and other high-energy foods. That is all!


Probably the hardest part of low-carb is the evening meal, because this bread has to be left out! Because: Especially in the evening it makes no sense to introduce yourself to energy suppliers. By the way, this is quite normal in southern countries. Who, for example, in Spain or Italy In the evening he will be surprised that he gets meat/fish, salad and vegetables but no potatoes, fries or rice. I unleash my greatest creativity in the evening. Sometimes there is a delicious salad, sometimes delicious fish or meat, from time to time I just fry a fried egg or champions with onions.... YUMMY! You just have to leave out the bread.
For me, low-carb is a huge successhow to get to the 20 kg sees that I took off. And no: I don't lack the energy for sport. Especially when cycling, jogging or inline skating, we tend to move in the aerobic range or return to it again and again, so that the body converts body fat into energy. That is ultimately what we want to achieve: the fat should go! I always have a bar with me on my bike for in between meals, but only once did I need to get rid of it.
Soon I will tell you about my training, but only soon.
Ride on, Ray.


  1. Hi Ray,

    just came across your site. Very nice!
    I recently got a road bike too. Let's go together!

    Best regards,

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