Healthy through the winter with vitamins and minerals

Just like Christmas itself, it is coming winter surprising every year. Some swear by the flu vaccine and others refuse. I don't want to raise the question of whether or not you should be vaccinated, because in any case it is important to provide the body with sufficient nutrients, the right vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet always contributes to good health. Especially people who have changed their diet notice after a few weeks that they are feeling noticeably better and even a change of mind - for the better, of course - occurs.

It is particularly important for athletes to supply the body with sufficient vitamins and minerals

We athletes always have an increased need for vitamins and minerals. Due to performance peaks, which we increasingly exhaust, our organism consumes more vitamins and minerals. Zinc and Iron play an important role in athletes as well Magnesium and Calcium are extremely important. When it comes to vitamins, athletes always think first Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, Vitamin C is one of the topics today.

Which vitamins and minerals are important to get through the winter healthy

[eapi type=small keyword="NordHit Vitamin C"]To put it in a nutshell, are the most effective against cold and flu vitamin C and the mineral zinc. Vitamin C and zinc strengthen the immune system and support the organism in fighting bacteria and viruses. A balanced diet is of course required. In modern society there is also everything as preparation in powder and tablet form and some of them are really good. However, the basic rule is that the body cannot store artificial vitamins and minerals. That is why the manufacturers of such preparations also advertise that the nutrients are gradually released from a capsule and not all at once.
The cheaper vitamins and minerals from the drugstore and from the supermarket, on the other hand, release their nutrients immediately. The body cannot absorb everything and the result is a increased urination, because the body expels the nutrients and vitamins it does not need.

Vitamins and minerals as supplements

[eapi type=small keyword="Frey Nutrition Zinc"]I take Zinc always in the morning in tablet form. These tablets or capsules release their zinc only gradually so that the body expels the contents of the not-so-cheap capsules. Vitamin C I treat myself to a drink throughout the day, which means that in the case of vitamin C I use the effervescent tablets. Simply because I like to drink flavored water. Effervescent tablets are available in many flavors, orange, tangerine, currant and of course many others. Why am I writing this here? I just want to make it clear that vitamins can also taste good. Also in chemical form.

Vitamins and minerals naturally

Of course, the best way to get minerals and vitamins is through a balanced diet. It's really worth putting yourself in front of the stove and cooking in a balanced way, just like mother's. Incidentally, this statement is very helpful as a rule of thumb when cooking: only eat and cook what grandma would have cooked. Then you come back to regional products that are really good. Cabbage and especially white cabbage is rich in vitamin C. White cabbage tastes really delicious as a salad or briefly steamed. Kale is recommended in winter. Rich in vitamin C and iron, it's a real fitness food!. And here we are back on topic. Where does the kale taste? Only with mother! Get the family recipe and make your own kale. Bon appetit.

Foods that contain a lot of vitamin C

  • Fresh rose hips
  • Blackcurrant
  • Paprika
  • Broccoli (if possible raw, only briefly steamed)
  • Kiwi
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Kale
  • strawberries
  • Oranges, oranges, clementines
  • apple
Here are some foods you wouldn't have thought of, right?

Foods high in zinc

  • Cheese (especially Emmental)
  • Nuts
  • meat, fish and seafood
  • Brazil nuts (also have a lot of proteins)
  • Mixed wheat bread
  • Girl
So go to the supermarket and get vitamin C and zinc suppliers and make sure you have a delicious meal. As always, please ask questions in the comments.
Stay healthy!

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