Mid-season motivation

Every athlete slips into one during the season motivation hole. For most, it's classic in the mid-season, if you have not set enough appointments. At least that's how it is for me and for you? How do you keep your motivation high throughout the season?
I'm always incredibly motivated at the start of the season. I've just come back from my winter training in the gym and I'm looking forward to road bike training on the road again and the appointment calendar is full for the time being. The first RTFs and also the first races always force a racing cyclist to start training quickly and collect kilometers. my Highlights of 2017 I have with the Vätternrundan already put behind me and the 300km I found it really great. The impressions of the Swedish nature, the experience and the subsequent pride were worth the effort.

What to do against the summer motivation hole

This is the next booked event in my road bike calendar Schwerin Lakes Everyone Cycle Race on September 23rd, before that there is a yawning emptiness in me. Actually, as a Hamburger, I should of course go to the Cyclassics start on August 20th, but the Cyclassics fall in the middle of the Hamburg school holidays and of course I'm on vacation with my family. Why are the dates of the Cyclassics always so stupid?

Are there any other interesting dates?

Yes of course. There are plenty of other interesting dates. One of them particularly appeals to me and I'm seriously considering whether to get in touch. We are talking about the "Big Weser round“ on September 2nd starting in Rinteln. The marathon distance is also 300km. The tour goes along the Weser, via: Rinteln - Hamelin - Gieselwerder - Hann. Münden - Beverungen - Holzminden - Bodenwerder - Aerzen - Rinteln. Anyone who knows the Weser a little knows that this is a very beautiful route. The question is, will I get another one this season? 300km want to give races. But the track will have it all. With an increase of 2.624Hm it won't be a cakewalk. A bit crazy, but of course I would like to.

boost training

Writing a new appointment firmly in the calendar, i.e. registering, always causes me to panic immediately. Panic in a good way. You know immediately that you have to go through with your training and from now on only count kilometers. I haven't signed up yet, but I'm about to. Other events aren't that appealing to me at the moment, I'll let you know if I'm going to Great tour of the Weser drive or not.

How do you do that with motivation?

How do you do that with motivation? Do you always need a point of no return, like me? Do you have any better tips than yours? interior bastard overcome? I am open and grateful for every tip!

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