Multivan becomes a place to sleep

I got one in October 2016 VW T5 Multivan purchased (year 2008). This car has always been a dream of mine, so far I've simply shied away from the costs. A VW Bus is usually very stable in value, a real investment! Conversely, this also means that the acquisition costs are quite high - not to mention the insurance. My beloved VW T5 Multivan has been my constant companion ever since: Lots of space and that Bed in the Multivan is set up in no time. It's cozy and much quieter in the Bully than in the tent. The bed is absolutely sufficient for two people and also really nice on vacation.

I've been totally happy since I've had my Multivan and I don't regret my decision at all. Whether I'm driving my son's football team or going on vacation with my wife, a VW bus like this is simply a luxury. Since the Multivan die bed function already comes from the factory and I can still use the car as a bus with seven seats, the decision was clear to me from the start.

Does a racing cyclist need a VW Bus Multivan?

Well, counter question: Does a racing cyclist need more than two racing bikes? hey..

A basic idea when purchasing was actually that I should also use the T5 for Camp want to use. Not as a full-fledged camper, but rather around on the Bed in the VW Multivan to be able to sleep. Among other things, even if I to any Road bike events drive. Race, RTF or my personal training camp. The Multivan offers several advantages at the same time.

  • My racing bike fits completely in the bus
  • I can transport up to four bikes on my bike rack
  • Thanks to the bed function, I can sleep very well in the Bully bed
  • I can arrive one day before the bike races without incurring any major costs
  • Since I bought a power connection adapter, I no longer have a problem charging my devices
  • The induction hob is also highly recommended

So far so good, that was my justification.

Sleeping in the Bully

The Multivan from VW is known for its flexibility. My Bully has 7 seats, if I use it as a car, I want it in the bully sleeping, two seats are taken out (takes about 2 minutes) and I can fold down the back seat to sleep and the famous one emerges Multivan bed. I admit, the seats are quite heavy, but I now do it in such a way that I leave the two seats out during the summer and only put them back in during the winter. So that I long misery (194cm) also have enough space to sleep, you still need a so-called Multiflex board.

Multiflex board

The Multiflexboard is located in the trunk and does nothing more than pull an intermediate floor into the trunk. If the Multiflexboard is installed, you can push the back seat forward and fold it down. Without the Multiflexboard the bed function not usable. Now there is a lying surface of approx. 140cm x 200cm. In order for the whole thing to be really comfortable, a mattress pad has to be put on. I bought a mattress about 5 cm thick from Ikea. This does not cost the earth and is sufficiently comfortable.

To make it really cozy, I put two woolen blankets on top of each other underneath. With this you can also iron out the last bumps existing through the seat and it creates a very comfortable Driving & riding bits.

Sleep in the VW Multivan
Sleep in the VW Multivan

The Multiflexboard divides the trunk into two halves. At the top as a lying surface for the bed and at the bottom a closed storage space is created. The trunk will of course be a little smaller, but with the right boxes and storage systems you can still fit everything.

Which Multiflex board is recommended

It's very simple in principle: If you buy a new Multivan, you'll probably also pay EUR 600 for it original VW Multiflex board have over If you pay attention to money (like me) I can recommend you to grab a copy. I chose this one here VW T5 & T6 Multiflexboard at Amazon. Costs: approx. EUR 190 including the brackets for assembly.

The Multiflexboard replica for the Multivan T5 and T6 makes a very good impression and I've been using it for several years now to be able to use the bed function. No wobbling, no crunching, no hassle. Really great quality! The Multiflexboard must also be reasonable and installed conscientiously, after all, nobody wants to be in a shaky one Driving & riding bits sleep - not even in the Multivan!

Camping equipment for the Multivan

Of course, it doesn't stay with the initial equipment for long, but you upgrade little by little. Both in terms of interior design and equipment for outside.

For inside

  • curtains
  • rolls
  • power connection

For outside

  • Sun Shade
  • table and chairs
  • fun equipment
  • hotplate
  • boxes and other things

I will treat my beloved Bully to a few more items, as my VW bus represents a great deal of joie de vivre for me and has faithfully accompanied me on my adventures over the past few years. You will then find the articles linked here.

With the VW bus on vacation - what you need for camping


It's also cheap, without the original VW parts. When I go to June Vätternrundan to Sweden driving (that was in 2017), I will sleep in my Multivan for several nights in a row. Until then, I'll plan a few rehearsal nights for another time. My next major purchase will probably be a bike rack, since I don't always want my racing bike in the bully. Again, I will try to get the best possible financial outcome. For the rear carrier, however, I am trying to choose a carrier from a brand manufacturer and will then fall back on something used, I think I will find something there. I'm really looking forward to the new flexibility!


  1. Hi all.
    I'd like to buy a used Multivan, but I'm totally undecided because I don't know
    whether with a short or long wheelbase. Are the above tips for sleeping and maybe too
    a table for installation in the short multivan possible. If so, I would appreciate an answer.
    Regards: Rudi Alt

    1. Hi Rudi.
      Mine has a long wheelbase. I think you can sleep in one with a short wheelbase, but then nothing fits in anymore. I can just about get kitchen utensils and bags in front of the lying surface. I'm not very familiar with tables, but I think you need a built-in solution on the rail system.

      Regards Ray

  2. Hello Raymond,
    we bought a used 2015 Multivan in a short version.
    Only I removed the chairs and put the mattress in, phew removing the three-seater bench is a feat of strength.
    I think your suggestion is great.

    BREMER SEAT COVER Multiflexboard bed extension compatible with VW T5 & T6 Multivan D01
    Visit the BREMER SITZBEZÜGE store
    Price: €199,00 incl. VAT
    material: Synthetic leather
    Only the Multiflexboard has a depth of 58 cm + the backrest of the three-seater bench approx. 60 cm, do you also fold down the two single seats and then how do you fill in the missing middle section?
    can you please send me some photos
    Thank you and best regards Wolfgang

    1. Hey Wolfgang.

      First of all, hats off: removing the back seat is really crazy!!!
      I'm going to assume that your seating is 2-2-3. The two individual seats in the middle have to go. Push the back seat forward about 30-40 cm and then fold the backrest backwards. This is how the lying surface is created.

      – Seat folded backwards
      – Multiflex board

      This creates a lying surface that is large enough.

      I've got all the seats in right now, so I can't take quick photos. I hope this helps you first.

      Greetings Raimund.

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