New LRS – Novatec X-Light

Out of necessity, a new and affordable wheelset had to be found. If a new LRS is pending, then of course it shouldn't be too ugly and not too heavy. I decided for that Novatec X Light from CNC in Hamburg

Make a virtue of necessity

As some of you know I had quite a one botched start of the season. Cold, several flat feet and it all culminated in one broken rear wheel. Quite frustrated and depressed, I pulled myself together and went looking for a replacement. You probably know the dilemma, if you buy a new one then please don't buy the very last one and if the new purchase is also nice, the second wheel must of course also be exchanged. Since I'm not an old hand with racing bikes, I got a tip from a friend who said: Take a look CNC CNC After all, they have a large online shop and very good prices. After scouring the usual suspects on the web and finding everything too expensive, I actually made a detour to CNC. Online of course. Only because the dealer doesn't have a shop. The online shop is, to put it mildly, confusing, but I still managed to find something suitable. As I ride a cyclocrosser with 25mm road bike tires I needed one LRS with disc device. Searched and of course found. It became the Novatec X-Light Disc LRS!
Novatec X-Light Disc LRS

I first went to Google to find out how good it was Novatec because that's how it is and lo and behold: There were consistently good grades and purchase recommendations. The Novatec X-Light Disc is actually just a scar, CNC takes a suitable rim and spokes and then builds the wheel itself. CNC wants EUR 319 for the complete wheel set. Yes, it's cheaper but not nicer for the price. Sure, it's always a matter of taste. But for me the case is clear.

It took two days and then I was able to pick up my new LRS from the premises on Streesemannstrasse. Then I glued rim tape and pulled the tubes and jackets onto the new wheels. Just screw the brake discs off the old wheels and onto the new ones, DONE! 

The Novatec X-Light Discs look really great

What can I say, I'm thrilled! Visually, my bike has definitely been upgraded. After my first 50 kilometers of training with the new bikes, I'm more than satisfied. Don't know if it's my imagination, but my cyclo road bike seems to be running better.

Novatec X-Light Disc LRS con CNC Details (description from the homepage)
  • lightweight wheelset with 28" race rims, e.g. for cyclocross bikes or racing bikes with disc brakes
  • Hubs: Novatec X-Light Disc black
  • Installation dimension: 100 mm / 135 mm
  • 6-hole brake disc mount and 8/9/10-speed freewheel body Shimano/Sram compatible
  • Rims: CNC HP 600 black 28 holes
  • Spokes: CN 424 black knife spokes
  • Nipples: aluminum black
  • Weight: about 1990g


New material always gives a road cyclist a push and I'm no exception. My bike is running great and in 200km it's time to tighten the spokes.

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