Prestige, Gavere, Vapor and Tabor - New cyclocross bikes from Stevens

Fall is just around the corner, or is already here, and Stevens brings you the right athletes for the winter! The Hamburg-based bicycle manufacturer has revised three cyclocross models, or as Stevens calls them: all-season bikes. Everyday bike, winter racing bike or sports equipment: the boundaries are fluid. A visit to von Hacht will be worthwhile in the near future. Read Stevens' message for yourself.

Steven's Cyclocrosser 2018
Stevens Cyclocrosser 2018 /Image:

STEVENS develops its aluminum crossers Premium, givere and The Tabor on to potential sporty all-season bikes.
After the cyclocross models with aluminum frames - Gavere, Tabor and Prestige - already received threaded eyelets for mudguards and luggage racks for the 2017 model year, the Gavere and Tabor now have another feature for driving comfort on the commute or on extended trips on forest paths: more tire clearance.
They remain moderately sporty cross-country racers with which you can experience a lot of driving fun off the beaten track and also in racing use. But in addition to the possible complete equipment with mudguards, luggage rack (and battery lighting), we have increased the tire clearance on the Gavere and Tabor. Tires with a width of up to 33 millimeters are still permitted for racing, but the two models are already specified ex works with 40 millimeter wide Schwalbe G-One tires.

STEVEN'S prestige

The STEVENS Prestige remains a sporty interpretation of an all-season bike, even with threaded eyelets for carriers and mudguards. Its geometry offers a sportier seating position and driving style than the other models. The equipment also remains sporty with new ones Shimano Ultegra R8000 (Compact crank with 50/34 teeth) and hydraulic disc brakes. In addition to the neon yellow paintwork, the model also comes in velvet black.


The Gavere was recently attested to be a little more "comfortable" than the Prestige or even the top model, the Super Prestige. The reason for this is the slightly longer frame for smoother running and the higher, longer head tube for a more upright sitting position. With its TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes, the Gavere proves its value for money. The increased tire clearance of up to 42 millimeters is new. Schwalbe G-One are specified in 40 millimeters.


The Tabor, based on the Gavere frame, remains the entry-level model among STEVENS cyclocrossers/sporty all-season bikes. Accordingly, the tire clearance of the Tabor is 42 millimeters. The much-praised new Shimano Tiagra switching group has proven its worth as a drive.


And last but not least, the sportiest aluminum cross bike from STEVENS, the Vapor, has also taken up the trend towards sporty touring bikes or all-season bikes. Its newly developed carbon fork now also includes the threaded eyelets for the front fender. Otherwise, the 2018 cross-country bike in Dark Olive remains sporty with the new one Shimano Ultegra R8000 Equipment including cyclocross crank with 46/36 teeth and hydraulic disc brakes from the Ultegra group (BR-8070).


  1. Hi Raimund, I'm a little late, but can you tell me what tire clearance the 2017 and 2018 Prestige models have? I am considering purchasing a used bike.
    Greetings from Berlin

    1. Min Alex.

      Unfortunately I can't say that. It's best to call von Hacht in Hamburg (are connected to Stevens), if someone can give you the exact dates, then the guys.
      I think you want to put Gravel tires in the Crosser, so of course the internal width of the wheels is also interesting. I can get almost anything in my Crosser, but of course it's different for every bike.

      Good luck!

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