Rested into the winter

I don't know about you, but I've slowly reached the end of my 1 month break.

Why do you take a break from training?

Unfortunately, for me it always comes automatically. Due to the weather, the road bike season is usually over at the beginning of October and then you take a break. For me, unfortunately, the break from training always happens the first cold of winter, the body just has time for it. In the last four weeks I've then, in a funny way, tried something completely new:

I tried Pilates!

My wife is currently training to become a Pilates trainer and I made myself available as a student. I'll admit that Pilates won't be my favorite sport, but it's good for the body. Especially my broken back – two herniated discs – was happy and since Pilates especially her inner muscles I'm hoping for long-term repercussions. I will definitely be doing Pilates at least once a week this winter.
At the end of this week it should be back with the Gym let's go, I had a decent one muscle gain made this winter.

Strength training until the end of February

My training schedule looks like this

  • Break until mid-November
  • Muscle building by the end of February
    • At the same time, I will occasionally go running
    • At the same time, I will stick with Pilates
  • Spinning in the gym from March
  • On the road from March, weather permitting
  • April: One week, if finances allow Training camp in Mallorca
It's the first time I've made a plan, I hope I can pull it off the same way.


The break was really good for me, my body just needs it and I'm convinced that the body just gets what it needs. Taking a break from training isn't a step backwards, it's a step forward, even if it seems different at first. My muscles are already looking forward to the new impulses that will come. My body is looking forward to more muscle as I'm looking quite skinny after losing a lot of weight and running marathons this season. Muscles really have to be on it now.
More on the subject of nutrition and dietary supplements will follow in one of the next posts.
Happy winter training, Ray.

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