Elbe Classics 2017

Elbe Classics 2017 - participantsThe first major cycling event of the year in Northern Germany is always the Elbe Classics, A RTF (bike touring ride) those with a – by North German standards – wavy route profile attends and annually over 1000 cycling enthusiasts moves to Harburg. With incredibly good weather, the RTF had something to offer every racing cyclist.

Elbe Classics are for everyone

For me it was my first participation in the Elbe Classics, but I had heard and read about it many times. The Elbe Classics are always season opening for Hamburg cyclists. Three different routes are offered on the Elbe Classics.
  • 55km
  • 82km
  • 118km
Actually, I had planned to ride the 118km, but unfortunately there was a misunderstanding with the colleagues I wanted to meet. To cut a long story short: I started with a friend who wanted to ride the 82km round and rather comfortably. So I changed my plan for the day. Don't rush and pimp PACE, but enjoy the landscape and just cycle. I have to admit that I could easily have driven three times the distance - at the speed that we drove - with our 26 km/h average that would have been possible without any problems and in the end I was a bit underutilized. I still enjoyed the trip and you have to celebrate the festivals as they come.

Start at the CU Arena

The start was between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., so you didn’t have to get up that early. My companion and I arrived around 9:10 am and relaxed and got ready. Change clothes, get the bikes ready and get the start numbers. After that we got ready to start. I think we always started in groups of 20. Could have been 10 more drivers. So it definitely lasted until 10:00 a.m. before we could finally get on the track. First we went to the Cuxhavener Straße and then in the direction of the Black Mountains wildlife park in the Harburg mountains. I didn't even know that we have climbs like this in Hamburg. The organizers picked out a really nice route for us. Not always along the main road, but rather the smaller paths and streets.

A really nice road bike route

Elbe Classics 2017Roughly speaking, it went across the Harburg Mountains and the North Heath to Buchholz and back again in a big detour. I found the route so beautiful that I will definitely drive it again this year. Now I have the GPS data.
The organizer had set up two supply points on the route for the participants. The helpers had prepared everything necessary - much better than the Cyclassics. Fruit, biscuits, brown bread. Just great. What I will never understand is why sweets are offered at some supply points and what I understand even less: Why are there racing cyclists who eat sweets during a tour. Tssss. Well, to each his own!
We were definitely taken care of very well and there was a nice and relaxed atmosphere.
Another highlight for me was the first event with my new wheelset. These things roll so well that I almost felt uncomfortable with my passenger. A few times I just rolled and he had to kick, well...


Elbe Classics 2018 - I'll definitely be there! Nice track in one of the most beautiful road bike areas in Hamburg. All relaxed people because it's not a race and the weather has been easy this year Great!!! Great!!!

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