SpeedX Leopard Pro delivery time

Hello dear cyclists, racers and curious readers. In this article you will find regular updates regarding my adventure SpeedX Leopard Pro, have fun reading.

Waiting for my SpeedX Leopard Pro

As of: September 2016

As you know, I've been waiting for mine since April 2016 SpeedX Leopard Pro. I ordered, or rather supported SpeedX, in April via indiegogo.com. The delivery date was then September 2016.
Yes, yes, I know. It's still September. I'm not bitter either, I just can't wait any longer.
SpeedX has now given October 2016 as the new delivery date and I really hope this is the final date, actually I wanted to take my Leopard pro to Denmark in October. Nothing will happen!
But enough with the whining, actually I wanted to share the first authentic video with you here. The editors of Road.cc probably got a SpeedX Leopard Pro to test, the lucky ones. One of the first bikes from the factory where the bike is then also manufactured. The test isn't out yet, but Road.cc uploaded a little video to Facebook and everything looks like it's supposed to, phew.
See for yourself: Video SpeedX Leopard Pro
I Like It!!!
I'm waiting for my SpeedX Leopard Pro and will keep you posted.
Ride On, Ray!

Update March 2017

On April 29, 2016, I supported the SpeedX campaign Indiegogo and ordered me one SpeedX Leopard Pro. Of course, the equipment of the bike and the price convinced me and still do today. EUR 2550, - (including shipping, duties and taxes) for a full carbon road bike incl. Di2 Ultegra are damn good too!
Delivery was guaranteed by September 2016, now we have end of March 2017 and I still don't have my new racing bike. I was actually looking forward to accompanying my Leopard Pro to the last race of the season in September last year, but unfortunately nothing came of it. I was still hoping for a Christmas present, but nothing came of it either.

Delivery in full swing

All over the world the Kickstarter backers are the first to receive their bikes and in the last four weeks some Indiegogo supporters have already received their SpeedX bikes. Most buyers get their deliveries out China, the main work of SpeedX. The Europeans, on the other hand, get their racing bikes from the factory in Taiwan to avoid the dumping tax. The Taiwan factory seems to be a bit slower in general, and because the factory isn't owned by SpeedX, not quite as controllable as the China factory

Quality defects in the SpeedX Leopard

Unfortunately, it also seems to be the case that both Leopard as well as that Leopard Pro, if it also comes to Taiwan, more often quality defects as if it comes from China 🙁 Unfortunately, these reports scare me a bit, because:
  • I bought the SpeedX Leopard Pro because it's cheaper and I just don't have the money to buy another road bike with that spec
  • I've been waiting for so long and I don't want to wait any longer because I have to wait for spare parts
  • I already planned the season with the racing bike
I hope all goes well and I'll report updates to this article if there's anything new.

Delivery postponed again

Update May 2017

It's that time again for a short update from my seemingly never-ending story with the SpeedX Leopard Pro. So on April 29, 2017 the anniversary of my purchase passed and actually I would have expected a bouquet of flowers or something similar, but it didn't come. In mid-May there was an Indiegogo update for all supporters that said: ".. Delivery of all EU Leopards in early May..." Today, May 8th, 2017, another update came: "..All EU deliveries at the end of May..." well! To be honest, I didn't expect the beginning of May either, although the beginning of May would have been perfect.
Let's assume that SpeedX really ships my Leopard Pro at the end of May - I actually have my doubts already - the following realistic timeline results.
Shipped by SpeedX from Taiwan on May 31st. According to information from SpeedX, the racing bikes will be sent to the EU by airmail. Let's be pessimistic here, the journey shouldn't take longer than seven days. So my Leopard Pro should be in Hamburg on June 7th. Now it depends on how the customs papers are prepared. In the worst case, based on my experience, it would take another three weeks for the customs office to contact me. However, if SpeedX has handed over the papers correctly to TNT, it should take three days for the invoice for duties and taxes to reach me.
Transfer = plus 3 days
Delivery = plus four days
Would mean getting my Leopard Pro on June 14th. Just count in the bag. A day later I'm heading towards Sweden Vätternrundan. Under these conditions I would of course not ride my new bike to the Vätternrundan, but with mine Centurion cyclocross bike. However, if the racing bike would come a week earlier, I could still get it done in time with assembly, new tires and fitting. Anyway, it's going to be a pretty darn close call and all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Update June 6th

Well, did you hear my screams of joy from home when I got the shipping confirmation? nope I didn't scream either, not even out of desperation. The shipping date at the end of May was again missed. There was no personal or public message.
SpeedX recently set up its own forum for SpeedX drivers, the startup would probably prefer to have unpleasant questions under control in its own forum and not host everything on Facebook. I posted my request in the forum and received a prompt response. I know now that I'm going to be the last 41 people that still belong to her Leopard Pro Bike with carbon frames and Shimano Di2 Ultegra waiting. 41 carbon road bikes that have yet to be shipped to Europe. I'm curious when I'll finally get the racing bike and assemble it here in Hamburg and to Fitting can.
At least I've already received an answer that gives a better feeling about the whole story. But even if everything runs perfectly from now on, my carbon racer will make it not before July on the street. I can hardly wait to test my new Di 2, it will be a completely new experience for me.

July 3 update

First of all: mine Unfortunately, SpeedX Leopard Pro is not available yet. To my knowledge it's not even on the way yet!
I had my last update at the beginning of June and SpeedX actually promised to have shipped my Leopard Pro by mid-June. In mid-June I was informed - but only after I asked - that shipping would be delayed until the end of June. Now it's already the beginning of June and I felt I was in a position to ask again. At least the answer from SpeedX was prompt, you always get quick feedback via the SpeedX forum, the feedback was: Due to the virus infection of the systems from TNT, the outstanding racing bikes cannot be shipped at the moment.

phew! I have to digest that first.

If you check the information on TNT, the statement is definitely correct. Unfortunately, I'm getting nervous/impatient. Unfortunately, nothing helps, I have to remain optimistic and hope that my Leopard Pro arrives before the end of this season and then everything will be fine. In April 2016 I definitely didn't expect to be on my Carbon racing bike with Di2 have to wait.

July 26 update

I'm telling you, you don't know what it's like. For months I've been paying attention to my e-mails so that I don't get any messages from SpeedX always overlook and pay attention to the spam reports in my mailbox. As you know, the last message from SpeedX was "... Due to the virus infection of the systems at TNTthe Shipping delay. TNT expects systems to be restored by the end of July…” the status was something like that. Today is July 26th, as far as I know it can be called the end of July and when I saw in my spam report that a message from SpeedX got stuck I didn't dare hope. When I then sat at the computer, I first opened the web interface for my mailbox and took a look at the spam folder. There it was, the message: Delivery Status!
I hardly dared open the message, but of course I did. Unfortunately I was disappointed again. The message simply stated that TNT's systems have not yet been restored and - according to TNT - SpeedX still expects to ship it to me by the end of July. Honestly, unfortunately I don't believe in it and expect the worst (whatever the worst is). Even if it is then sent, German customs can still delay delivery by at least three weeks. You can see I'm a bit desperate and just sad. This season it will definitely be nothing again with my new carbon racing bike, but I've only been waiting 15 months.

Updated August 24th

Good news: My new machine is finally here and I already have the first tour behind me! ...but always one after the other...
As you know, shipping was still due to the Virus attack in TNT delay. During my vacation last week, I wrote to SpeedX again and checked and was promptly told that the shipment is now being organized. Of course I was skeptical, I had heard too many promises, but only a day later I got a TNT tracking number. The package went out in Taiwan on Sunday and was at my house on Wednesday. As I said, I was on vacation and you can imagine that from then on I had no rest.
Actually, I had planned to drop out in Cologne and ride my racing bike to Hamburg. But knowing that my new baby was waiting for me at home, I couldn't do that. So on Saturday I had to have a happy assembling. Assembling the Leopard took no more than an hour, so I was able to charge it up first. Pretty sick! New racing bike and it needs to be charged first. After the SpeedForce and the Shimano Di2 were loaded, we finally went on a test drive.
But I don't want to reveal too much at this point. As always, you will soon find my long-term test in my blog. I will then gradually let the test grow so that all information and durability can be found in one place.


  1. Hello Ray!

    I press you still crossed that from now on at least everything works out the way you imagine. One question I have: Would you Vätternrundan really hurt you on the SpeedX?

    In the meantime, last weekend, I ordered a Canyon Endurace CF 8.0. Your experience with the delivery time was not the only thing that spoke against the SpeedX Leopard (the Pro was never an option for me anyway). The very stretched geometry of the aero bike would have been too uncomfortable for me for long distances. But I'm also more than ten years older than you. I owe it to my intervertebral discs.

    I also urgently need the 32-tooth "life belt" for touring in the mountains (I'm no second Jan Ullrich.) and the Canyon is significantly (1,2 kg) lighter than the Leopard - a good kilo less lugging up a mountain...

    Kind regards


      1. First of all, congratulations that the "Object of Desire" is here! Have fun with it!

        It's funny that your bike came when you weren't at home... In any case, I can very well empathize with what it's like when you're on the road and know that the bike is at home in the box waiting to be assembled.;-)

        So once again a lot of fun and I'm already looking forward to the review.

    1. PS: I have now almost a thousand km with the canyon behind me. I'm not a frequent cyclist and on vacation to Sylt I deliberately only took my trekking bike with me. I didn't want to expose the new RR to sand and salt right away. The very short geometry took a little getting used to at first, but I'm very grateful that I didn't "lie so much" on longer distances. You're not getting any younger...

      By the way, even in the "Hohe Mark" one is sometimes glad to have a lifebelt.

      1. Yesterday, on my first ride, I noticed right away that the driving experience is very different. Apart from the significantly higher rigidity, the seating position is also significantly sportier, but not uncomfortable. But of course I still have to drive really long distances 😉

  2. Hello Jörg.
    I have to admit that I can't yet assess which routes I can ride on an Aero. I'm totally on your side on the subject of lifebuoys, I think I'll also get another cassette. I've gotten used to my cyclocross cassette.
    But since there are a lot of road cyclists who ride an aero bike in marathons, I think it's just a matter of habit.
    In the long run I will tweak the weight a bit, the Leopard Pro is clearly too heavy for a carbon bike.
    Since this week is the last week of May and according to SpeedX ALL bikes should be delivered by the end of May, I hope that this plan doesn't change again.
    I hope you enjoy your Canyon Endurace CF 8.0. Great machine!

    1. Attention: The Leopard has only a short cage. You can't put much larger cogs on it than the 28 that's on it, if at all. It also has the crank with the 52 and 36 chainrings. So you would actually have to replace both, i.e. chainrings and cassette, and also a long derailleur cage to be really suitable for mountains - quite a bit of conversion work...

      1. I can see you know a lot more than I do 😉
        but I am very optimistic and I have made inquiries. I'll find a way! Thanks for your note, I take in any case like this.

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