STEVENS Super Prestige 2018

Just in time for the cyclocross season, the Hamburg bicycle manufacturer Stevens is also presenting its new cyclocross models. Do that at the beginning Steven's Super Prestige. As the name suggests, this is a high-end cyclocross bike. You can read for yourself what Stevens has changed, improved and renewed for the 2018 model year in the message from Stevens.

Lighter, more comfortable and optimized in many details: The new Super Prestige sets new standards for cyclocross racers for the 2018 model year.
Auf dem STEVENS Super Prestige three world championships have been celebrated in recent years: Mathieu van der Poel (2015), Jens Dekker (2016 U19) and Sanne Cant (2017) have celebrated their greatest successes on the bike so far. There are also two European championships – Sanne Cant and Jens Dekker 2015 – and more than twenty national championships and numerous podium finishes.
Go to the Model year 2018 we have nevertheless redeveloped the top model. In cooperation with our Belgian professional teams Beobank-Corendon and ERA-Circus, the newly designed frame was optimized with numerous details. Only the proven sporty geometry was retained.
A look at the scales: the frame of the Super Prestige now weighs 58 grams in frame size 1.000 centimeters including derailleur hanger and front derailleur mount. The fork weighs 435 grams. That's almost 300 grams lighter overall.

frame values

The Super Prestige has gained the weight savings primarily through new manufacturing processes in carbon frame construction, optimized frame shapes - with a slim top and seat tube with a voluminous down tube - and the selection of carbon fibers. But the targeted use of the new color application in ink black also saves a few grams. The weight savings are accompanied by further improvements. The steering head stiffness is now around 20 percent higher (LKS 85 Nm/° > 110 Nm/°), the bottom bracket retains its high stiffness. And the comfort values ​​are around twelve percent better (COM: 255 N/mm > 225 N/mm).

detail improvements

After interpretation on Flatmount brakes and QR12 thru-axle compared to the previous year, the frame has received further detailed improvements. The internal cable routing has been modified to make assembly easier: Universal cable entries for mechanical and electronic shifting are now standard, as with other STEVENS race bikes.
So that the riders don't lose a watt of propulsion, the chainstays in the tire area are now more oval in shape, in such a way that mud and snow can no longer slow down the rear wheel. However, the cross-section changes towards the dropout and provides more lateral rigidity, whereby the overall height could be reduced.
Chain guard: Probably the most striking innovation is the possibility of mounting a chain guide for 1x and 2x chainrings in order to eliminate the last risk of a chain dropping. The guides can be adjusted depending on the chainring size. The height-adjustable double chain guide will be installed as standard. For all 2x Drivetrain drivers there will be a special holder and a mini chain guide as an accessory kit.
Nothing new, but a fundamental decision: no cantilever brakes
With the new development of Super Prestige 2018 we looked at the models with hydraulic disc brakes concentrated. The decision of the pros and the demand on the market have already confirmed the technical superiority of disc brakes in cyclocross compared to cantilever brakes in the past model years.


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