Optimize chain wax

Chain wax or chain oil

Chain wax is becoming more and more popular among cyclists and chain wax is also spreading more and more among sporty drivers. So far, however, waxing a bicycle chain has been very time-consuming. The chain had to be taken off Wax had to be melted on the stove The chain had to be bathed in wax Chain wax manufacturer Optimize claims this

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Gravel in the Dolomites

Dolomiten Gravel and Bikepacking Part 6

The rain from the day before is a thing of the past and today, with the best weather, we head through the middle of the Dolomites. On perfect cycle paths and beautiful gravel routes. For me scenically the most beautiful section of the route. Bikepacking - Alps, Venice, Dolomites - Part 1 You can find the Komoot Collection for the trip here: Bikepacking 2021 stage

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