Off to Valais and high up - tour part 3

We are on ours Bikepacking tour already made quite a bit of progress. We already have that Rhine in Germany and France, the Vosges in Frankreich and a whole piece Englisch Schweiz left behind. Now it's off to beautiful Valais, but before that we have an appointment with Freddie Mercury.

The packed bikes
The packed bikes

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Stage 7 - Interruption due to heavy rain

From Saint Aubin Sauges to Montreux

After breakfast we started the next stage. It was already drizzling in the morning and the sky was completely overcast. Today there will definitely be no sunburn. We drove along the lake and at the end we stopped at a sailing club to fill up the bottles.

We now had to cross a small mountain range, up to the other Lake Geneva should go down. We drove up the mountain in the rain, but once we got there we couldn't think of driving anymore. It poured cats and dogs and so we sheltered at a bus stop. A bus soon came and took us to the next train station, from where we took the train to Lausanne.

In Lausanne Luckily it didn't rain anymore and so we were able to continue our bike ride to Montreux. When we arrived in Montreux, the sun even came out again. That's how it is sometimes, but a cold on vacation doesn't make sense either.

Of course I wondered why there is a statue of Freddie Mercury in Montreux. Freddie Mercury lived in Montreux for several years and at least one Queen album was made here.

62 km from Saint Aubin Sauges to Montreux
62 km from Saint Aubin Sauges to Montreux

Stage 8 - Off to Valais

From Montreux to Sierre

at the hotel Montreux there was no breakfast. So we went straight to the nearest supermarket and ate our breakfast directly at Freddie's. The sun was already out and the day was supposed to be great. Of the Lake Geneva showed himself from his best side this morning.

Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva

We drove a little further along the lake, until we turned left (on the photo at the back) into the valley, which took us to Wallis led. First there were a few small old roads away from the lake, along rivers and streams and through corn fields.

The further we drove up the valley, the more rugged the landscape became.

Real mountains at last

The path through the valley always led gently uphill, similar to the tours through the valleys in South Tyrol and Veneto. The mountains got bigger and more rugged, a landscape I just love. We only took a short break after about 50km before heading back on the road Sierre made.

The landscape had totally changed since we turned into the valley. In just a few kilometers in the mountains, the landscape can change completely. That's exactly the feeling we had that day. After 98 km we arrived in Sierre and finished our stage, that was a really nice day!

When I got off the hotel, I noticed that my rear tire was pretty much flat. Well, at least I was able to change the hose at the hotel in a relaxed manner and without time pressure. For supper there was a doner kebab in town and a couple of beers before heading to the bunk went.

98 km from Montreux to Sierre
98 km from Montreux to Sierre

Stage 9 - High in the mountains

From Sierre to Fluelen

In the hotel there was a small breakfast after getting up today, a bit too small for my taste. Although it was Sunday today, a small supermarket was open at the train station, where I stocked up on rolls and other essential things 😉

Now it went further and further up the valley, actually we wanted that today Furka Pass drive, but only actually. The road up the pass was so busy that I got fed up and we took the train.

Up the Valais

We drove further up the beautiful valley and the landscape was simply gigantic.

The route that us Komoot there was simply beautiful. Always on small roads or cycle paths. After about 25 km we made our first coffee stop in a village and this village was simply quaint and beautiful.

Here were many old and well preserved farmhouses and from our place in the cafe we ​​could see the beautiful church on the hill. Hats off to those who march up there on Sundays.

Furka Pass

It continued through a few small towns before unfortunately it went onto the country road. Now the ascent to the Furka Pass. Actually, we were in a very good rhythm and would have made it up the Furka Pass, but unfortunately we only went along the country road. Constantly cars, motorcycles and trucks, I was fed up again! We drove the pass road about 10 km when we passed the cable car station and there was also a train stop here. We decided to take the train to just behind the summit and save ourselves the traffic, that was once again a very good decision!

From the train, the landscape looked incredibly beautiful and we were almost a little sad that the traffic robbed us of this landscape. Next time gravel tires again and then through the forest.

Shortly after the Furka Pass we came out and first had something to eat at a snack bar, then we went down to Andermatt. Today we decided to drive to Lake Lucerne and turned north in Andermatt. We would never have dared to hope for what awaited us here.

Devil's Bridge in Schöllenen

Shortly after Andermatt it went into a gorge called Schöllenen and here is the famous one the Devil's Bridge.. Here a cycle path leads directly through the gorge, really incredibly impressive. It took a lot of time to take photos again 🙂

Behind the Schöllenen Our route did not lead us back to the busy road, but to a parallel country road that was hardly used. Why was that not the case only at the Furka Pass?

Downhill to Flüelen

Now, of course, it was almost all downhill until after Fluelen am Lake Lucerne. We took a little break from changing tires because Marcus had his 6th breakdown of the trip.

At the end of the valley the very nice one happened Lake Lucerne on. We first drove to the shore and looked for a hotel in the app.

We did find accommodation, but it was expensive and really the worst of the whole tour! In general, Switzerland needs to work on its prices and the associated standards. The lake is incredibly beautiful and you will see that even better in my next article, but how can the hotels be so bad?

Despite the road and a change to the train, it was a really nice day and an otherwise great route!

100 km from Sierre to Fluelen

Summary of stages 7 - 9

Montreux was very interesting because of the musical history and background, it got really nice in the Wallis. This is the landscape I want to be around on a bikepacking tour! Up the valley, like in Italy, and marvel at beautiful villages and mountains. The descent to Lake Lucerne at the very end is worth a bike trip alone and will remain in my memory for a long time.

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