Tour d'Energy – Preparation

The Tour d'Energy in Goettingen starts this Sunday. The Tour d'Energie is not only the first race of the German Cycling Cup (GCC) but is with his 1000hm on 100km a very special challenge for all drivers. The altitude profile of the 100km route impresses me, but also challenges me and that is also the reason why I signed up and will be taking part this year.
In weak moments I sometimes wonder what am I actually looking for? 100km - of course I've already driven - 1000hm? No, not yet. I live in Hamburg and unfortunately there aren't that many inclines here. On the Elbe Classics two weeks ago I was able to collect several meters of altitude in the Harburg mountains, but I just landed there 462hm - not even half. But I have to say that these 462hm didn't bother me. In addition, my level of training this year is not as good as I had originally planned. The last two weeks I haven't been on the road at all because of the bad weather.

My report to Tour d'Energie 2017 can be found here.

What speaks for me though is that instead I went to the gym and spent a lot of time on the spin bike. Yes, I know: Spinning is not cycling, but: I turned up the resistance properly and trained to ride uphill. This week there will be another easy ride on the spinning bike and then it's time to recharge your batteries.

But what is the best way to prepare for a tour like this?

Tour d'Energy - Route

Honestly, I can't tell. Of course you should ride a racing bike and collect kilometers and meters in altitude, but I don't feel like getting sick at the temperatures and at the right moment - if the weather is good - having time (as a father) isn't always easy. Even if some of you may shake your head now: I do feel well prepared.

My strategy for the Tour d'Energie

Of course I haven't thought about anything else for weeks. That's also my way of preparing for such an event, of course alongside the training. Without a strategy and goals that you set yourself, you can at best finish a race with so many meters of altitude in the broom wagon and I definitely don't intend to do that.

What time do I want to reach

I got these Results over the 100km distance of the Tour d'Energie participants from last year. The fastest took 2 hours and 36 minutes and the slowest 4 hours and 39 minutes. So I want to be somewhere in the middle 🙂

My goal: 3 hours 40 minutes

It's going to be tough, but I'll fight.

How do I drive the mountains

In order to come up with a strategy for the mountains, you first have to look at the profile of the route
Tour d'Energie - elevation profile
The first 35km are almost all uphill. It's definitely going to be tough. Then you have about 15km some time for active regeneration before it 300hm over 7km uphill goes. This is followed by a short descent before another 270m on the High Hagen goes. The worst is probably done here. After that, the last 25 km are almost all downhill to the finish. Oh yes: I have to adjust my brakes again.
In any case, I planned to drive my own pace on the inclines. Relaxed, constant cadence and don't use too much force. I looked at a few videos from the last few years at Hohen Hagen and a whole lot of riders pushed up their racing bikes, I don't want that. And when I sneak up there with the rescue wreath: IT WILL NOT BE PUSHED! At least that's my intention.


I feel strong as a bear and will conquer the mountain! I'm already looking forward to next weekend, wish me luck!

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