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Now my first racing bike season is unfortunately over. The bike is only taken out during the day for family trips or short trips. Proper training in the fresh air is not popular with me at first. Since I'm a single driver and not a member of a club somewhere, I don't have any bicycle hall to disposal. So I have to look for alternatives myself.
This is the right moment when it occurs to you that you are still a member of a Gym is. In my case at McFit 😉
I definitely haven't been to the gym for a year, typically male I would say. I joined McFit about three years ago at Strength training to do and the whole thing only costs € 20,- per month. Absolutely too expensive not to use it, but I want to change that now!
So three weeks ago I went back and was delighted to find that the studio near me has an extra room for spinning classes. I'm not a course type - otherwise I would have looked for another sport - but at McFit there is cyber courses! The coach is only on a screen. Perfect. The studio is open XNUMX hours a day and there are also XNUMX hour spinning classes.
So for almost four weeks now I've been going to the studio 2 to 3 times a week and always do the following program.
  • Warm up on the rowing machine for 10 minutes
  • One muscle group for 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes of spinning
And then you're really done!
Why this order?
Very easily! Of course I read that in a road bike magazine, but on closer inspection this sequence really makes sense.
  1. Warm up – Everyone knows that you have to warm up, because there is a warm-up phase when riding a road bike. This should warm up the muscles and get the circulation going before it really gets going.
  2. Putting the strength training before the endurance unit was new to me, but the explanation makes sense. During strength training, muscles demand instant energy. In other words: energy from the blood – sugar! This energy must be available quickly so that the muscles are able to perform at their best. If you put the endurance unit at the beginning, you use up the fast energy in this unit - although you actually want to use the reserves in this one (fat) - and the instant energy is no longer available for muscle building. So: maximum strength first, then endurance.
  3. As already mentioned, the body should always use its energy reserves during spinning and make them available. When spinning, you always go from the aerobic to the anaerobic area, i.e. performance areas in which the body can lag behind with energy and oxygen supply and those in which the body has an energy and oxygen debt. To do this, you increase, for example, the cadence, the pedaling resistance and make jumps again and again. Parts of the route where you drive standing up and sit down again. Anyone who has never done spinning will probably understand now at the latest why it is so exhausting and why so many athletes do it. It doesn't matter whether it's an athlete, a soccer player or a cyclist.

What is particularly interesting for me about spinning and what I want to achieve with it.

In the beginning was for me Spinning actually only Training method, cycling in winter. After the first few times, however, I realized that spinning gives me a lot more. On the one hand, the different intervals and handlebars are great for getting a grip on my big deficit on inclines. The long-lasting heavy pedaling and the jumps help me to find ways and means to overcome long inclines. Another aspect that makes sense, especially for beginners like me, is the clean driving of the technology. Body posture, body posture while standing, finding the right position in relation to the handlebars and frame. Pushing and pulling, i.e. the standard technique, can be practiced very well here, since you can concentrate solely on driving - there is no traffic to keep an eye on.
Since I've still ridden in normal shoes and pedals, which I'll be buying soon, I'll be practicing diligently with them in the studio over the winter.


It is clear to me that spinning does not replace real riding a racing bike. But I also know that I'm still making progress. I intend to return fit to the road next spring and compete in at least four races next season and of course with a satisfactory performance. I'm also building up the rest of my body a bit, so to speak on the side, and next year I don't want to be afraid of inclines anymore, but want to overtake the others with my reserves.
There is definitely still a long way to go, but I fell in love with racing bikes and I do everything I can to keep this love alive and constantly give it new impetus.

I hope I was able to motivate and cheer you on and, as always, I am looking forward to your experiences with the winter training.


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