Ultra-distance races are all the rage

There are more and more ultra-distance races beyond 300km. Whether in one piece or in the form of a brevet with short overnight stays and then several thousand kilometers, racing cyclists are always looking for new limits and meanwhile don't even have to drive that far to take part in these events. cycling marathons, Bevets and Ultra Distance Race are now everywhere in Germany.

I'm pretty much a novice to road bikes. I started racing in 2015 and at the end of my first season I still thought that just 100km would tear me off the saddle. In recent years, my distances have become longer and longer, mainly because I noticed what I don't like: Bike race under 100km!

Bike race up to 100 km

With short short Racing distances up to 100km unfortunately many drive racing cyclist who can't really get along with. I don't mean to sound arrogant! In my opinion, amateur racing is not about winning regardless of loss, at any cost. There are usually many accidents, which unfortunately are exclusively due to risky driving be evoked. After I went to the 2017 for the first time City North cycling days participated, I know what I don't want. If it appeals to others, great!

But you have to have tried everything to be able to say you don't like it 😉

100km to marathon

In the range of 100km to 250km there is Races, RTF and other events like sand by the sea. In bike races over a distance of 100km and more you can really get involved. The nice thing is that you can always find a suitable slipstream and the associated group to expose yourself to new stimuli, but not to overwhelm yourself completely. That an RTF can also be very sporty, I asked at the Vossy RTF 2017 when I suddenly found myself in a group of 6 with very ambitious racing cyclists and we tore down the 160km of the long distance together.

300km routes

The 300km routes are for the diehard Ultra Distance and Brevet Driver probably nothing special anymore, but for me in 2017 it was the first time that I covered such a distance in one go. In June 2017 he was in Motala/Sweden for the legendary Vätternrundan.

Ultra Distance Race
Ultra distance racing - Here at Vätternrundan 2017

I had of course been preparing for the months leading up to the Vätternrundan and I was pretty excited, but excited, not nervous or scared. Somehow I had the feeling that everything would work out. That's the way it was then. The Vätternrundan was a great experience and I got more interested in very long distances. I also have a few long-haul routes planned for this year, but at the moment I don't know if mine will be disc prolapse thwarts my plans, but at the moment I'm only expecting a delayed start to the season.

This season I have several long distances planned.

Mecklenburg Lakes Circuit (MSR300)

On the Mecklenburger Seen Runde, lovingly too MSR300 called, you drive 300km on/around the Mecklenburg Lake District. I'm curious how it will be, because there will definitely not be as many participants at the MSR as at the Vätternrundan. Fewer participants increase the level of difficulty because there are fewer slipstreams. With the MSR300 I want that long distance series usher in for me personally.

Burning Road

Just two weeks after the MSR300 I go to the Burning Road to ochtrup. Ochtrup is just before the Dutch border and offers a Marathon route with 330km and 3.000m elevation gain. The route leads through the most beautiful corners of the Teutoburg Forest, OsnabrĂźcker Land, Wiehengebirge and Tecklenburger Land! For me all Bohemian villages, no: unknown territory and therefore particularly attractive.


In mid-July there is an event that I find particularly funny - but I'm not sure if I'll have time to take part: Lugworm 2018! The lugworm is a One way certification, which is about from the top of the Wurmberg in Braunlage/Harz until after Cuxhaven to drive. The route can be chosen freely and therefore there is no fixed number of kilometers that I could give you. However, if I calculate the direct route on Komoot, I come up 324km. This is certainly not the prettiest route, but according to Komoot it is the most direct route.

Hamburg-Berlin-Cologne-Hamburg - HBK

only all four years find that German Superbrevet Hamburg-Berlin-Cologne-Hamburg (HBK) and in 2018 it's that time again. Unfortunately I'm on vacation at the beginning of August and can't come with you. The starters have around five days around the 1527km route to cover. Really great!

Do you have any other long-haul routes in Germany? bring it on!


Regardless of whether 300km routes or 1.500km Distances, meanwhile pretty much every long-distance is also offered in Germany. I'm happy and when my back is completely fit again, I'll be unstoppable. One of my goals in 2019 or 2020 is that Trans Continental Race (TCR) to drive, just to see if I can handle it.

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