Vätternrundan 2017 – I'll be there

Hello, dear cyclists. I'm very, very happy right now! A thought that formed in my sick head at the beginning of the 2016 season is now within reach.
But one by one…
Vätternrundan 2017
My starting time at Vätternrundan 2017

At the beginning of the 2016 season I read about this crazy thing. 300 km Bike races in Sweden, drive through at night, hardly predictable conditions and the whole thing Summer solstice in Sweden (my start time: 1:54 am). I read a few articles about the event and they all had the same gist:

The Vätternrundan is a real borderline experience and requires a lot of physical and mental strength from the driver, but when you finish the tour you are overjoyed!

I know this feeling from my experience of canoe marathons, which I rode until I was a young adult (competitive sport). The brain has already suffered slightly and suddenly, when you cross the finish line, EVERYTHING is forgotten. The memory of this feeling also awoke immediately the addiction in me to have that experience again.
Anyone who follows me on Srava knows that I don't drive thousands of kilometers a year, but that can change. The training for 2017 starts with immediate effect! Vätternrundan, here I come!
Hamburg rulez, Digga!
Regards Ray
Information about the Vätternrundan can be found here: http://vatternrundan.se/en/

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