With Jobrad to your dream racing bike

If your employer supports JobRad or other bicycle leasing providers, this is a great opportunity for you to fulfill your racing bike dream. My employer will soon be offering the concept to his employees and I don't think I can resist.

Job bike benefits

The advantages of Company bike leasing are obvious:

  • Configure your bike freely
  • The leasing rate is deducted from the salary before taxes
  • Takeover is possible after 3 years for 10% of the new price
  • You save up to 40%

Does that sound very tempting? It is! No, this is not a paid article for service bike provider. I am very convinced of the concept and am considering financing my dream racing bike with it. Included in the leasing contract is of course always the regular one Inspection and Fully comprehensive insurance. At the end of the three-year term, you can either sign a new contract and choose a new bike or the bike for 10% of the new value (RRP) take over. the leasing installments will before tax deducted from the gross salary, so that the net loss is not too high. With a racing bike worth EUR 8.600, it is EUR 139 that you are missing from the Neto. Don't get me wrong, that's a lot of money for me too. Nevertheless, for many people this model is easier to handle than putting EUR 8.600 on the table all at once.

Job bike cons

Disadvantages you with the Bike leasing are the well-known disadvantages of any leasing program. Except that you can buy the bike afterwards for 10% of the RRP. The only downside I can think of is that you have to think of everything when you buy it. As with car leasing, the bike leasing no changes are made to the bike. This means that you should already have the right parts such as wheels, handlebars, stem and so on installed when ordering. For the next three years you have to ride this bike with these components.

But those were all the disadvantages!

The role of the employer

For the employer, everything is accounted for in the same way as with a company car. Your employer doesn't even have to have a new feature built into their software unless they want to be very specific. The JobRad model also has a number of advantages for your employer.

  • The employee keeps fit
  • The employee gets sick less often
  • He binds the employee to his company because he is happier and
  • he first has to find a new employer who also offers JobRad

So employers beware: JobRad is a real opportunity to bind employees to the company and employees are known to be a company's greatest asset.

JobRad dealer

In the meantime, there are a hell of a lot of dealers with them Bike Lease Programs Registered. In Hamburg I don't know of anyone who isn't. Not to mention the brands. You have to look for brand manufacturers that are not available through the program. To find out which dealers in your area are participating in JobRad, you can simply search the site. Here you go JobRad dealer search

JobRad tax-free since 2019

The good news circulated online at the beginning of 2019 that you no longer have to pay tax on your company bike. Unfortunately, that's only half the story. There are two different models of how a company bike can be financed.

Employer-financed service bike

In this model, the employer finances the entire company bike. The employer pays the leasing rate in full, but unfortunately there is no documentation of how this affects the employee's right to take over after three years. The company leases the bike and makes it available to the employee. In this model, the employee must no taxes on monetary benefit pay.

Service bike by salary conversion

The employee pays the leasing installments through salary conversion. the leasing rate is deducted from the gross salary before taxes and is therefore tax-free. Unlike the employer-financed service bike, the Employee Indeed 0,5% of the list price of the bike monthly tax. The employee leases the bike for himself.


It's not really easy to read into the jungle of finance. JobRad is all the more attractive as a provider of these leasing models. The employee does not have to worry about anything, JobRad - and the other providers of company bikes on the market - clarify the contractual matters directly with the employer. If you want to calculate this, it is best to use the Advantage Calculator. I'm sure: If my employer offers this, I'll be there and build my dream racing bike!