With the service bike / company bike to your dream racing bike

The company bike is a great opportunity for employees to get their dream racing bike and the employer also benefits.

Hardly any other topic is currently occupying the racing bike groups in the social networks as much as the topic Service bike or company bike. But the idea is also seductive. A first class racing bike and my boss pays. It's not quite that simple, of course, but almost. I have tried to summarize the most important facts about service bikes for you.

Which bike counts as a service bike

Of course, when we hear something so enticing, we start dreaming. I also have it immediately ROSE bike configurator opened up and clicked together a bike that I couldn't otherwise afford. The beautiful thing is the answer to the question “Which bike counts as a service bike?“ reads EVERY! So it doesn't matter whether it's a racing bike, triathlon bike, mountain bike, e-bike or any other bike. Any bicycle may be purchased as a service bike. Of course, it's worth it, especially for high-priced bicycles that you couldn't otherwise afford. E-bikes are particularly popular as company bikes at the moment. E-bikes are so popular because many people switch to bicycles who would otherwise prefer to drive to work by car or train. An e-bike simply does not require as much physical strength as another bicycle.

When may the service bike be used

When a service bike or company bike may be used is easy to answer: ALWAYS!
It's the same as with a company car. The bicycle is leased by the employer and made available to the employee for private trips. So you don't necessarily have to ride your bike to work, you can leave it in the garage and only use it for sporting purposes.

How do I get a service bike

The company bike must be procured through the employer, or to put it another way: the employer must be willing to give this to his employees health-promoting measure to want to offer, just as he grants the executive floor a company car. There are now various providers of company bikes, the largest and most well-known provider is without a doubt JobRad. If the employer offers the possibility of a company bike, obtaining one is quite simple. All you have to do is identify a dealer who is a partner with JobRad, for example, and you can start. It's actually quite simple.

Where can I get my service bike?

As mentioned before, it's quite a simple one JobRad partners to detect. Of course, the two shipping giants are Rose and Canyon with at the start. But there are also countless specialist dealers who take part in the program. Alone in the city of Hamburg you can find at first attempt approx. 70 participating retailers. You can find JobRad partners in your area here:

What advantages does a company bike offer me at all?

Now let's get to the facts! The company bike law has been in place since 2012, which regulates that the same advantages apply to a company bike as to a company car. On average, the employee gets his dream bike 30%-40% cheaper than the actual purchase price. The same tax rules apply as for a company car, the famous 1% rain rate applies here. The 1% rule states that 1% of the new list price, i.e. 1% of the RRP, must be taxed per month. Since these descriptions are always very abstract, here is a sample calculation.

I took the bike of my dreams and will do the math for you

ROSE X-LITE CW-8810 eTap
Source: rosebikes.de

I chose that ROSE X-LITE CW-8810 eTap. A beautiful racing bike. Aero construction, under 7 kg and the new Sram eTap equipment. Price EUR 5.302 A company bike is always leased from JobRad for 36 months and after the lease expires, the employee then buys the bike for 10% of the RRP. The leasing rate is deducted from gross wages via salary conversion and does not have to be taxed.

Leasing rate including insurance (will be deducted from the gross salary without tax)
Lease amount paid after 3 years
residual rate (10%)
TOTAL: EUR 4001,84
So I would Save EUR 1300,16!


I think the possibility of financing a new racing machine through my employer is great and I started to ponder. Unfortunately, my employer does not yet support this innovative concept and I am afraid that he is not very keen on it. Employers always shy away from the alleged accounting effort behind it. But since there are of course already company cars, the effort cannot be that high. I will definitely pursue the possibility of a company bike and bring it up with my employer if the occasion arises. I think that a company bike offer from the employer meets with a lot of approval from the employees and the employer doesn't have to subsidize the bike either, a salary conversion would be enough for me.
How much you that? Have you already gained experience with a service bike?
Experiences and hints as always in the comments.

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