Year in Review 2017

My Road bike and sports year 2017 is now behind me and it is time to draw a short résumé. As always, there were ups and downs for me, resolutions kept and goals not achieved, disappointments and insane enthusiasm. New training partners, old training partners and many new friends who are enthusiastic about racing bikes.

Season 2017

I once read that as a cyclist you should always put yourself in a highlight / goal per year. I had already nailed down my highlight for 2017 in autumn 2016 when I registered for the Vätternrundan in June 2017. Before that, however, it was important to prepare properly and take a few milestones with us.

Pre-season and cold start

During the winter I trained a lot in the gym and neglected my condition a bit, I had already planned my first bike race at the end of April. In March I sat on my racing bike for the first time and noticed that the strength training made my legs a bit heavy. In addition, the winter was getting longer and longer. So I worked out in the gym on the spinning bike and got myself in pretty good shape. At the beginning of April 2017 I took part in my first RTF, der Elbe Classic. Elbe Classic RTF was a very nice start to the season. 1a weather and 82km of pure relaxation.
Of course, the beautiful weather from the Elbe Classic (beginning of April!) didn't go unnoticed by us Hamburgers. It was winter again and I switched back to the spinning bike in the gym.

Tour d'Energy

On April 23, 2017 I drove to Göttingen for Tour d'Energy, I had already wanted to register for this year in 2016, but had too much respect for the steep climbs in the pre-Harz. It was cold! On the 100km we drivers were accompanied by snow, rain, sleet and strong gusts of wind. For me it was the first mountain stage ever and I was really exhausted afterwards. However, I have of course registered again for 2018 and will hopefully be better trained at the start.

Preparation for Vätternrundan 2017

My preparations for Vätternrundan ran at full speed. I rode my road bike as much as possible, so three times a week, once with one training partner for the basics, a second training partner for the development (he is Ironman) and once alone for long distances. At the end of May I had another RTF highlight: Vossy RTF in Neu Wulmstorf. Here, with two Ironman riders and a few riders who joined us, I rode the 161-mile loop at a pace I'd never experienced on such long distances. Afterwards I already had a good feeling for them Vätternrundan

Vätternrundan 2017

In June I went to Sweden. I rode ours with my wife VW Bus to Motala. Vätternrundan It was such a great experience that I can't write it all down here. But of course I have everything for you in mine Travelogue for the Vätternrundan 2017 detained. I recommend everyone to apply for a starting place, it's an experience! 2018 I will not after Motala to Vätternrundan drive, but I have several myself 300km race in Germany reported.

Second half of the season

At first I thought: After the Vätternrundan, nothing works! But it wasn't like that. I found another / new training partner with whom I rode at least once a week. I got new impulses again and a bit of variety is really good, because my colleague also knew new routes. Another highlight was the Schweriner-Seen-Jedermann bike race, which I did with my new bike, the SpeedX Leopard Pro drove. I drove a great pace and was really proud of myself, I can build on that.

To finish

I started running in October and on December 25th I will be mine first half marathon run, so I expect to be much fitter in the Road bike season 2018 will start.
I intentionally did not write and repeat everything in this article for the 100th time, but provided links to the detailed reports for you. Even if mine Road bike year 2017 didn't include quite as many events as I had hoped, I'm quite satisfied. I'm looking forward to that Sports year 2018!

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