The right bike helmet

How do I find the right bike helmet that also looks good?

The racing cyclist's headdress, not an easy subject. But what's really good is that everyone has now understood that you need a helmet to ride a racing bike. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I sometimes like to leave my helmet off when I'm doing laps every day. Just around the corner and you leave your helmet at home. However, the tendency to wear a helmet is increasing.

My bicycle helmet is still the original equipment. I bought it rather cheaply from Decathlon. Decathlon offers with the house brand BTWIN Bikes, bike clothing and other bike accessories at fair prices. It is definitely worth stopping by a Decathlon branch, there are now mega sports stores all over Germany. In addition to the house brands, Decathlon also offers branded products, so you can always make good comparisons. Of course, if you buy cheaply, you always have to make a few compromises, unless you have the standard figure and the standard head, then of course everything fits like a glove. However, you often only notice that the helmet does not fit 100% after you have worn it for a few hours and sweated it out.

"You often only notice whether a helmet fits 100% after wearing it and sweating for several hours."

So you shouldn't surf the internet, choose a helmet by look and then order it blindly. Bike helmets are like bike shoes, you always have to try them on! One option that always remains open is price comparison over the internet. Go to the big chains Decathlon, BOC, Fahrrad-XXL and whatever else is out there. Try on helmets, but wear them a little.

Buy bicycle helmet

You don't have to feel weird about it. Jumps around and also likes to do that headbangerAfter all, the helmet should be able to withstand any shock and not always slide back and forth.
Here are a few models on Amazon that I can recommend.

Some of these are my personal recommendations, but on the other hand they also include helmets worn by racing bike colleagues.
Don't pay too much attention to looks, at least not exclusively! The helmet must be comfortable. Since we live here in Germany and pretty much everything is regulated, fortunately all bicycle helmets in stores are tested and approved. There should no longer be a helmet that breaks quickly. If you do have quality problems with the helmet, make a complaint. The manufacturers will be very accommodating because of course they don't want to risk someone getting seriously injured because of the helmet. Don't let yourself be sent away!
I hope I was able to bring some of you closer to the topic of bicycle helmets and take a look at my recommendations, I have personally held all of them in my hands.
Ride save, Ray!

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