Road cycling in Holstein Switzerland

Holstein Switzerland is no longer an insider tip among cyclists and racing cyclists. I knew them Holstein Switzerland yes, but after a week's vacation so close to the Baltic Sea, I decided to dedicate a separate chapter to Holstein Switzerland.

For the first time I ended up cycling to Plön and back to Holstein Switzerland. Back then in one day there and back, that's about 180km from Hamburg. Even then I was enthusiastic about the small roads that are hardly used, the forests and the small mountains that round off the whole thing. Since I was there for a week, in a beautiful little holiday home, I fell in love with this region again due to its proximity to the Baltic Sea.

Where is Holstein Switzerland

Roughly speaking, Holstein Switzerland stretches from Bad Segeberg to the Baltic Sea and from Kiel to Süsel. Characteristic of the region are the many lakes, the hills and of course the unique ones Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea was also the decisive factor in taking a week's vacation there.

Road bike routes around Plön on Komoot.

Our holiday cottage, which we had rented, was only 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Hamburg and from the house to the Baltic Sea it was about 6 km by bike High Watch.

Hohwacht Bay in Hohwacht
Hohwacht Bay in Hohwacht

It was nice in Hohwacht that it wasn't full. Of course, we also made trips by car and found that other places and beaches were much more crowded. On the warmest day of the week we lay on the beach and were the only ones. But that's just by the way, it's actually about riding a bike.

What is special about Holstein Switzerland

As already mentioned, the hills and the lakes around Plön, Eutin and Malente are reason enough for a tour north. But the small roads that are hardly used are really nice for cyclists. Also I recommend again Komoot to plan a route. Especially when you're out and about in gravel mixed mode, you hardly have to go to the main road or get on your bike.

The small roads are wonderful and mostly lead through completely deserted strips in the region. Again and again one comes into fairy tales Placeswho seem forgotten. In Holstein Switzerland there are a lot of old country estates with stud farms and pastures. It is not uncommon for these country estates to be simply empty, although they are maintained by foundations, the country estates do not serve as a museum or anything. They are just beautiful in the landscape.

It's all in the mix

In my vacation week I only had mine Gravel fitness bike included, but made for this region. I did a particularly nice short route here.

Such routes can be extended in any direction without the tour losing quality. How varied a tour of only 30 km can be is wonderful to see here.


Whether you want to drive a long distance and drive from Hamburg to the Baltic Sea or want to drive short holiday tours in Holstein Switzerland: The region is highly recommended. Due to the wavy profile of the region, you can collect a few meters in altitude without it hurting 😉 and if you plan routes for the normal bike with Komoot, you come to Eckken, which looks like hidden treasures.

This region is a great holiday destination, especially during the Corona holiday season!

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