Vitamin D3 – The sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D3 has been the focus of many doctors and nutritionists for a long time. D3, which the body produces itself under direct sunlight, is now considered in many circles to be a miracle cure for civilization diseases. Reason enough for me to try it myself and start a little self-experiment.

What is vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 K2
Vitamin D3 K2

First of all: Vitamin D3 is not really a vitamin, rather D3 is a hormone. It was misclassified as a vitamin when it was discovered. Strictly speaking, it is a pro-hormone. Vitamin D3 controls many tasks in the human body and has a number of functions in our organism. What D3 is good for, I explain in the next paragraph.

Why do we need vitamin D3

At this point I would like to go into what our body needs D3 for, unfortunately you can only read on relevant health portals what happens in the event of a deficiency. This is probably because you don't want to make empty promises, but D3 can do much more than just prevent vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms. D3 has even led to healing in some risk-taking users in high doses. At this point I would like to introduce you recommend book.

I read this book and was skeptical at first. I am not one of the representatives of 100% natural healing and one thing should be said in advance: the author is not a doctor, but a good researcher! The title is a bit lurid, because the author didn't spend much time on 100.000 iE, but it's still very readable.

What happens with vitamin D3 deficiency

bone structure and stability

In the case of a vitamin D3 deficiency, the risk of developing osteoporosis increases significantly, because the important calcium in the bones can only be absorbed in connection with D3. With a D3 deficiency, the risk of bone fractures increases and complaints such as back, knee and joint pain are significantly higher in patients with D3 deficiency.

Vitamin D3 ensures healthy bones

How high is the vitamin D3 requirement in athletes

One thing in advance: already at the Vitamin D3 requirement the experts don't agree, so I'll approach it from a different angle. I don't get the defined need, but how much D3 our body produces itself in the summer. In the summer, because that's when we tend to feel our healthiest and most energetic - at least that's the case for most.

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In summer, when we are outside during the day, our body produces so much vitamin D3 that it would correspond to a dose of 25.000 to 35.000 IU of artificially supplied vitamin D3. So it is by no means exaggerated to supply 30.000 iE in winter. Conventional medicine recommends a maximum daily dose of approx. 800 iU

Before I come to my self-experiment, I would like to point out that doctors now use D3 doses between 50.000 and 100.000 iU to treat cancer, osteoporosis, broken intervertebral discs, knees and other joints. There are many more use cases, just google what else it's good for.

Conventional medicine now also uses vitamin D3 to treat cancer, bone and joint diseases!

Vitamin D3 self-experiment

Why did I start the self-experiment?

Of course, I didn't start the self-experiment for fun, but had my reasons.

  • From October to May almost continuously cold - every year
  • My broken discs
  • The constant tiredness and lack of energy in winter
  • I suffer from morning stiffness - I need about 30 minutes before I can move fluently when I am in pain
  • My skin is very vulnerable in winter
    • Dry
    • Porous
    • Calluses form quickly

I don't know if I forgot something, but that's enough. All these ailments are very severe in winter and almost non-existent in summer. Of course, what bothers me most is the intervertebral disc. Pain-free in the summer and severe pain in the winter, always on the bike in the summer, so severe pain in the winter that I can't even snowboard. That sun hormone It seemed like the logical consequence to me.

Vitamin D3 dosage

At that point I hadn't read the book Hochdosiert, I just thought I'd try vitamin D3. I first tested commercial D3 capsules with 3.600 iU per week, I started in October. Somehow I couldn't see any changes in myself, no positive effect. A colleague told me that the dose is also far too small to really make a difference. That's when I ordered that book. I immediately increased the weekly dose to 10.000 IU, after reading the first third of the book I increased the dose to 10.000 IU per day. After I finished the book I took 50.000 iE D3 plus der appropriate dose of K2, then:

Vitamin D3 must always be taken with K2. PLUS Magnesium to accommodate the D3.

I took the 50.000 iU for about two weeks, after that I ended up over 40.000 iU at 30.000 iU. When it came to dosing, I went purely by body feeling.

Results of my self-experiment

Vitamin D3 diary

From here I would like to try to update my experiences and share with you how much and when I took vitamin D3.

The Start

As already mentioned, in October I started completely unplanned with a weak dose of D3. At the end of October I got down to business after reading the book high doses read it and just wanted to know if D3 would help me too. So I started taking 50.000 IU of vitamin D3 in combination with K2 and magnesium daily. It may have been my imagination, but I literally felt like the vitamins were energizing me charged to have. I was no longer so exhausted, tired and have been more stress-resistant since the beginning of the treatment.

Since October three to four times a week in the gym for pumping

I go to the gym three to four times a week throughout the winter, so you can't say that I don't torture myself that much in the winter.

After two and a half weeks with 50.000 iU I reduced to 40.000 iU and since December I have always fluctuated between 30.000 and 40.000 iU per day - depending on how I feel.


So far I can say that I got through the winter without any colds. Although winter is far from over, it has been a huge win for me so far. My back is much better, I can't say whether the pain would have been reduced without D3. But I attribute the improvement in my intervertebral disc to vitamin D3. My skin all over my body is just much, much better than it has been in years. No dry and itchy spots on the skin.

It would be really great if I felt really fit again at the start of the season and that after the winter would be in great shape for me!