Lose weight and get fit – pre-season

The year is still young and it is high time for me to get fit for the season and the planned highlight. Corona slowed me down again and after the start of training I realize how difficult it will be for me to get back to 100%. I would like to share my first ideas and measures, my training plan and the time horizon with you here. Maybe you have a few tips or ask me, then just put them in the comments!

I would like to let this article grow and share my status regularly, the progress and setbacks are inevitable 😉

Transcontinental Race

This is my planned highlight of the season this year Transcontinental Race (TCR). Actually, I was supposed to start last year, but I did TCR canceled due to the Corona Pandemic. Actually not that bad, so I had more time to plan, adjust my touring bike and be sure I really wanted to start.

The Transcontinental Race is about 4.000 km and is completely self-supported, and is scheduled to start on July 27th. I hope the TCR can take place as planned and I can get as far as possible. Officially you have a little over two weeks, but that's rather difficult for me 😂 but of course I want to get as far as possible as quickly as possible. That's why I'm trying to get fit as solidly and quickly as possible and I have a very good feeling. So much for my big goal, now for the preparation again 😉

Corona positive

My bad news came right on time for January: I am corona positive. So off to quarantine. Where did I get infected? I can only guess, think within the family! In the end, though, I got off alright. I had hardly any symptoms, only the body aches were unbearable for a day and a half.

Nevertheless, I sat on the sofa for 14 days after the tasty Christmas season and took it easy. The muscles have a memory, but they degenerate anyway and I don't even want to talk about the condition. Of course I wasn't too busy in December either. Well, unfortunately, that pays off. In any case, I took it easy after the quarantine and I'm back in it for now normal entered life. But now we are making big strides.

running in winter
running in winter


Since I have had very good experience with losing weight in the past Low carb made, I will of course rely on it again this time. Each person works differently Diet Strategies, the better you know your body, the higher the chance of success.

On the weekends, when I can eat at my natural rhythm, I do another kind Interval fasting and Time Restriced Eating (TRE). But that's actually quite natural for me. I have a really big breakfast at the weekend and then only eat between 16 and 17 p.m. for the last time of the day. As I said, it's kind of my natural rhythm. Unfortunately, during the week when I work, I don't quite manage it, at least I only eat something rich in protein in the evening.


As already mentioned, I eat low carb when I want to lose weight. It should be mentioned again here that - if you eat low-carb - you can't expect any leaps in performance. I eat low carb to lose fat and all protein to not lose muscle. When I've reached my goal weight, I go back to a healthy carbohydrate diet to have enough energy for the increase in performance. Then I won't go High Carber, but then I normally eat a lot of carbohydrates.

What's on my menu?

  • Crispbread (I love sesame crispbread) 4 slices
  • Cooked cheese and cucumbers, tomatoes or some sausage usually come up

Am Wochenende

  • scrambled eggs
  • Portobello mushrooms,
  • tomatoes
  • some ham

and everything as mixed as possible!

  • I don't take lunch that seriously during the weekdays. You have to take what you can get, but I avoid pizza, pasta and rice. It's more likely to be a potato, salad or stew
  • At the weekend, fish or poultry with lots of vegetables such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, carrots, corn or whatever I can find in the wok

I would always recommend the wow as a cooking appliance anyway, I couldn't live without the wow

Snacks or when you get hungry

Of course I also get a little hungry or an appetite in between, that's human. But then I don't reach for sweets, but eat a yoghurt or cut tomatoes and eat them with pepper and salt. I particularly like the chocolate protein drink from Rewe, which is particularly tasty and a reward in between.

Otherwise, I stay away from fast food and eat foods that are as unprocessed as possible. Eating unprocessed foods is a good guide anyway. If you do sports, you can actually eat anything and a lot, as long as it's as natural as possible 👍🏻

training plan

You can't lose weight without strength training! I am absolutely convinced of that. Endurance training is very healthy and good for burning fat during exercise, but strength training makes for a bigger one Basal metabolic rate and on the other hand do you burn fat while you sleep? while the muscles regenerate.

You can't lose weight without strength training!

I would never do just one thing, just cardio or just strength training, the combo of both makes the difference for the reasons stated above. Ideally, I design my training in such a way that I Full body workout (between 30 and 90 minutes) followed by a 30-minute run or a 60-minute bike ride. Simply because I burn sugar during the workout and live off my fat in the cardio session. The endurance unit should then be very relaxed, so no high pulse rates please, otherwise no fat will be burned. If you turn your pulse too high, the body burns sugar instead of fat and, in the worst case, muscles.

I put my training plan together myself and in gym hero created, an app that I've been using for years. My mustard too You can Gym Hero here read. A free app that does what it's supposed to do for me.

The training plan

crawl414Lie on your stomach and alternately stretch your arms forward
lateral raises4142,5 kg
Dumbbell biceps4145,5
Tricep push ups414Lie back on a chair
situps414whole route
side plank430 secper side
Lateral sit ups414eg Right shoulder to left knee
Sit-up pushes416Only the top third
Plank430 sec
raise legs430 secUp to 45°, shoulders and hands touching the floor
Situps legs in the air416Raise your legs only slightly
Training plan for home

The sets, reps, and weights aren't set in stone, of course. Since I have a very weak core (that's why I have back problems) I can't do all the abdominal exercises right at the beginning, but after two weeks I want to be able to do all the exercises and then increase the weight and swap some exercises.

Diesen training plan mache ich three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As already mentioned, I then mix in endurance units, but I have to get my body in shape again before I can Run feel like I also start running very carefully. I ran once and only ran about 3 km, but that doesn't bother me. I don't want to take the training with me much more overload and aching fuck up, rather Fun have in mind and slow but solid Progress . make


As already mentioned, I would like to inform you week by week in this article about how I can cope with the training plan and what progress I am making. Also share my experiences when I change or omit an exercise. I think I'll be giving updates here for four to six weeks.


As always, I missed weekly updates 😉 Why do I always make such promises? 😂 It is now four weeks passed and I have to admit that losing weight is not as easy for me as it was five years ago. I'm now at 95kg and with regular extra cycling I don't expect any more weight loss. In the two weeks when the weather was a little better, I rode my racing bike more often and then quickly weighed 94 kg.

Now I'm actually just waiting for temperatures of over 10°C and then it starts again for me 🚴‍♂️

Initial Situation

  • Size: 194 cm
  • Weight: 99 kg
  • Goal: about 90 kg
    • The fat on the stomach has to go!

Maybe you would like to take part and share your experiences with us 👍🏻

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