Season 2022 – Gravel, MSR & Bikepacking

The third year that we start with Corona, but somehow I'm more optimistic than in the last two years. I've actually already started planning this year and I'm really looking forward to the next few months, in which I'll be cycling many roads, paths and trails. Whether it's a bike marathon or a bikepacking tour, the plans are already very concrete!

I canceled the Transcontinental Race

I had for that TCR number 8 get a starting place. I was really happy, prepared myself and of course planned my annual leave afterwards. Then Corona came in 2020. The next year, 2021, I did the same thing again and I have to admit that I don't want to do a plan like this for another year. That's why I'm from TCR canceled again and instead planned a solid bikepacking holiday and, above all, two weeks of vacation in a row with my wife.

Even though I'm very sad about it, this decision took a load off my heart. I didn't want another year of planning uncertainty and without a reasonable vacation with my wife. You're not getting any younger, but maybe I'll get it again and sign up again soon.

Planning for 2022

But now Butter with the fish!

The weather is finally getting better and my motivation is huge. I've got the first winter gravel tours in my legs and although it's still February, I'm already getting spring fever 🚴‍♂️ The following events are firmly in the calendar for 2022.

  • MSR300
  • Gravel bikepacking tour
  • Bikepacking vacation
  • and maybe the TDE at the end of April


Already in 2018 I am the MSR300 hazards. The German equivalent of the Vätternrundan, does not have to hide in any way and it goes 300 kilometers through the Mecklenburg Lake District. Go early in the morning and then spend a long day in the saddle. Due to a very good group, I managed an average of 2018 over 31 kilometers in 300.

MSR300 Ray
MSR300 Ray

This year a friend of mine asked me and I spontaneously said yes, that's how it is sometimes. Now we're a group of three from Hamburg and I hope we'll find a good connection to a solid group again. On the MSR I will be my beautiful Legacy back on the road, I'm really looking forward to it again.

Gravel bikepacking tour

If you have visited my blog before, you will know that I am a Gravel lover am and it's getting more and more extreme. After I went on my first bikepacking tour to Lake Garda I still rode 25mm tires on Gravel, I did the tours last year on mine Gravel bike made. The summer vacation was still on the 35mm Schwalbe One, but in September I'll be on the Terravail Cannonball changed and was in again for a few days Schwarzwald. With the Cannonball in 47mm I mainly rode MTB routes and I love it!

Sure, of course you can cover a lot less kilometers off-road, but it's so damn beautiful 😍

Elbachsee view
Elbachsee view

That's why I planned a week in the last week of March MTB gravel bike packing close. I'm picking up where I left off in September. It starts in Heidelberg, then through the Spessart to Fulda. I'll see how and if it goes further from there. Always relax and enjoy. This week in March serves primarily as a KICK-STARTER for the coming season. After a week of gravel tour there should be enough basis!

TdE in Goettingen

The Tour d'Energy I've driven twice. Once in 2017 and for the second time in 2019. I'm not a racer, for me the TdE more like a sporty RTF. As the first appointment of the year, it always puts me under a bit of pressure to get in the loop and I already have a first highlight. I'm not quite sure if I'll register yet, but the thought is forming more and more in my head. I think I need a change between gravel and traveling and road events this year.

Bikepacking vacation 2022

At the end of June we should go on a two-week bikepacking holiday again. Again with Marcus, with whom I also went to the last year Alps and Dolomites was on the way. This year we have planned to travel further towards Eastern Europe and hope it will work out. The rough plan is to start with Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and so on and then draw a bow to Austria. Let's hope that things don't get too restless in these states.

Marcus and I
Marcus and I

I am definitely looking forward to a relaxed cycling holiday.

What else is coming up in 2022?

One thing is certain for me: a lot of demanding Gravel rides. When I'm fit enough, I'll do a few more orbits. I only got one last year Orbit 360 can do that should be different this year. For the purpose of warming up and keeping fit I will probably ride a few Orbits from last year. The official orbit season starts in June, then when I go on vacation and continues into August. When I come back from vacation and still feel like it, I'll get in touch with the Orbit 360 and take a few more with me. The track I drove was a dream and I heard that the others are at least as beautiful.

I'm curious myself how often this year I'll be drawn to the dyke, to drive to the asphalt. At the moment I am driven by the longing for forest, stones and mud. But as I said, it's all about variety and I should have plenty of that this season.


I've really planned something and I'm really looking forward to this season. Bikepacking and gravel is my passion and I also have something like the MSR on top! Maybe we'll see each other on the track and if you still have your feel-good tip for me, please leave it in the comments.

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